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Jeff McNeill

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Jeff McNeill

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Great author
Happy birthday to writer and poet Octavio Paz! Our doodle in Mexico today is inspired by “El laberinto de la soledad” (“The Labyrinth of Solitude”), Paz’s celebrated work on Mexican identity and history.
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It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer. -Albert Einstein
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But I'm sure you're very smart too
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Jeff McNeill

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Blender 2.7 release on 19 March. Blender is a fantastic cross-platform animation and video editing tool.
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You might be surprised at what the VSE can do, see some nice tutorials at
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Jeff McNeill

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Jeff McNeill

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OpenOffice Base - Database for your desktop
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That's perfect, the OO Base forms interface[1] could really serve to minimize the tedium of a data entry project I've been planning – nothing too wonky, just making a machine readable model of an old Lisp Machine schematic, MIT CADR circa late 1970's.

I have a working schema for the database – used XLS format initially. I had a hard time with text entry in an SQLite app on a tablet platform, so instead used QuickOffice for developing the initial database prototype, in a spreadsheet format. The spreadsheet file has rows in a few of the tables, for an initial "Proof of concept," focusing on the integrated circuit model named AM25S09, in that much, for an initial "Proof of concept" onto the database schema.

Basically, the project will be developing an external model of integrated circuit profiles (pins and types) with references onto manufacturers' data sheets (archived, at least, a lot of TTL IC technology) data sheets illustrating the digital logic circuits in those ICs – and then some Verilog module definitions that someone has made about the CADR schematics (no obvious licensing terms on those, albeit, might be public domain, also), or alternately developing new definitions in NGSPICE. The wiring diagram would be entered later – CADR was designed onto something other than printed circuit boards. Even so much as mapping each IC type to one or more Verilog module definitions will be, well, tedious. I've known it will be some tedious business, altogether, to no kind of unambiguously obvious and neither immediate fiscal gain. I'm a fan of the OO platform, though. I'm not familiar with the circumstances around which it was forked as Libre Office. Like with Debian and Ubuntu, I think it's a fork that I may prefer to follow upstream, though – OO and Libre Office, respectively. Nothing "Too trendy," I'm sure …

I see that I won't have to worry about any web coding, for the data entry part of the project, if I can use OO Base for managing the database instead, on a desktop platform. I see that there's a nice forms model in OO Base[1], implementing a forms model perhaps cosmetically similar to MS Access, but on a consistently FOSS platform – moreover, towards an OO Base database presumably not using a derivative of the BASIC programming language, such as an MS Access database might, in the respective forms implementation. (I'm no fan of BASIC. Though it was fun to transcribe BASIC programs on a Tandy Color Computer 3, LoL, but I think the BASIC programming language lacks something, in data structures, also it's got such a program control flow as BASIC, and the whole goto and gosub model. I'm sure it's a fine scripting language, though I don't know if it implements structures, objects, or a reflection API, for instance, BASIC.)

There's lots of really practical documentation for OO Base [2]. Yay.

Perhaps it could be approached as a part of an Electronics Design Automation (EDA) platform. I wouldn't want to reinvent KiCAD, but one can use SysML for circuit design and modeling – not only SysML block diagrams, also finite state machine diagrams and so on.

• Would be used for a single project, at least, in which the original schematic is represented in PDF scans of a design from MIT in 1979.
• UML profile for EDA, "To do" (referencing NGSPICE, Verilog, etc)
• The SysML model should be integrated with a documentation process. There's OO Writer, alternate to writing DocBook markup, or Markdown, or HTML, etc. One could use Modelio in parallel with OO – building a set of SysML diagrams and a corresponding model with Modelio, then for the documentation, generating the SysML diagrams in PNG format, and using OO for developing a model description document, onto the same.
• If KiCAD can generate a bill of materials for a single schematic design, OO Base can be used for managing a parts inventory, also for printing purchase orders, etc.
• Verilog test bench results can be modeled in using a spreadsheet [4], and could be integrated with a project database, with a model for generating OO Base Reports

Though it's seemed to me that the project of the same may as well be developed independently, but of course it must extend on existing work, if it would not reinvent the universe, LoL. I'm certain that it should be developed both on and as an open platform, moreover – not to let it get bogged down in development of a marketing strategy, at the least.

I'll try to make some "normal" web content about the concept: Open Office for EDA – I'm on mobile, presently, it's a school night but the DeVry courses have been none too demanding.

OpenOffice Base – pretty neat!


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Jeff McNeill

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Unlisted HOAs via Google Plus - YouTube Becomes your video recorder
Hangouts on Air (HOA) can act as your personal video recorder, or limited viewership broadcast machine.
There are times when you want to have a hangout session and record it, but don't want it "broadcast" to the world (right away, or ever)… Enter Unlisted HOA or Private HOA.

You could always use 3rd party software to record your screen while in a Hangout Video Call, but then you have large files that need to be rendered and uploaded for others to view, and that takes loads of time. When YouTube does the recording (via HOA), it is done quickly and ready to go right after the HOA ends.

Now Google Plus can start Unlisted HOAs
We've been able to start Unlisted or Private HOAs via the YouTube Live Event interface, but now we are able to start Public HOA & Unlisted HOA on Google Plus as well via the SHOAE tool (Scheduled HOA Events).

Until now, if you used Google Plus to start your HOAs you could only do Public HOAs. Now we can also do Unlisted HOAs starting with the Google Plus Hangouts menu.

3 important uses:
✓ HOA Trailer Recordings - Record now, add as a trailer later.
You can do these alone or invite your featured guest(s) to be part of the trailer days or weeks ahead of time.
✓ HOA Broadcasts to limited groups - semi private screening rooms
✓ Vlogging - a simple way to create video content which can be "published" later at a time of your choosing.

From what I've observed:
► The Unlisted HOA is not posted publicly on your G+ Stream
► The Unlisted HOA is not easily visible to others on your YT Channel
► You can easily change the Recorded Unlisted Video to be 'Public' or 'Private' to suite your particular needs

How to Start an Unlisted HOA from Google Plus
► Start your HOA process via the (1) Hangouts Menu (
► Next press the (2) Start a Hangout on Air Blue Button.
► Give the HOA a Title (3)
► Here's the Trick... Do Not Invite the Public Circle (4) to be in the Audience. Suggestion: just invite yourself to the Audience (optional: invite the group you want to see the unlisted broadcast) this is the HOA Event's invitation/guest list (aka Audience).
► After you Share the post (5), you'll be on the Private Event page & you start up the HOA Green Room via the "start" button when you are ready to go.

There are many other great uses of this new tool and a few "gotcha's" that will be discussed in the membership group for Hangouts called Hangout Mastery.

Want all the details? Signup to keep up... .
=== ===
#HOAtips   #UnlistedHOA   #HOAevents   #EventsTips   #GooglePlusTips   
h/t: +Jeff Sieh & +Jim Shankle for helping me test and verify this
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Jeff McNeill

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Pretty sure I'm the last to figure this out, but in case anyone else uses Tablet in Blender and has troubles navigating, here's the solution.
You need to find your Tablet preferences and change one button on the stylus to act as the middle mouse. Then in Blender press that button + Ctrl or Shift, then you can move, orbit, zoom as usual :)
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