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Curious, Inventive, and Friendly

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Has anybody published a Delphi-based Android App that they've tested, or want tested, on a Chromebook with Android support? 

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Here's some great video my boss Ken and his son (and another?) captured on a cold hike where they took the new Parallax ELEV-8 V3 for a flight near Tahoe (Jake's Peak).

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Here we are at Marvin and Maureen's Annual Pumpkin Roll event! They do this every year after Halloween using donated pumpkins. It's great fun seeing how far they go and how much they fly apart, and it all turns in to "great eats" for the local deer and other wildlife. This year, Marvin placed some targets for us to aim at also.
2015 Marvin and Maureen's Annual Pumpkin Roll
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Yes, quantum physics as it applies to USB. I've come to understand this phenomena.

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Has anyone else noticed themselves experiencing this?  I sure have!

Please comment if you have experienced this.

At first I thought it was old age creeping in, but I think for me that was just coincident with the rise of technology at our fingertips.  My experience is that of major information overload... more and more things I'm expected to keep on top of; memory creation and recall fails to handle it all, regardless of the medium that delivers that information.  

It's arguable whether or not digital amnesia is truly a bad thing; perhaps it frees a mind to be better equipped for other types of challenges that we can't yet recognize, but it's certainly easy to see how it creates a major point of weakness in each person who doesn't retain information as well.  In much the same way, it can be said that society riding the wave of the Industrial Revolution of the past has led to an immense sector of our population being completely unable to grow their own food, build and repair tools on their own, or solve problems they find themselves in once the link is broken (the grocery store fails, the access to parts and mechanics disappears, the person finds themselves stranded in a non-populated area, etc).  How will we survive?

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This is great!  I didn't fully picture the scale of our solar system and its planets until watching this.

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Pretty interesting. Not sure we'll see this in practice in our lifetime though.

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This white boy has moves!
I never learned hip-hop before, but I can dance at the moment... #jokeoftheday   #hiphop   #funnygifs  
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I saw this in someone's tweet today and also found it in a Facebook post, but I've never seen it before.  It's very clever and has profound underlying meanings for many different people.  I've definitely experienced it from both directions.

Today was the absolute worst day ever 
And don't try to convince me that 
There's something good in every day 
Because, when you take a closer look, 
This world is a pretty evil place. 
Even if 
Some goodness does shine through once in a while 
Satisfaction and happiness doesn't last. 
And it's not true that 
It's all in the mind and heart 
True happiness can be attained 
Only if one's surroundings are good 
It's not true that good exists 
I'm sure you can agree that 
The reality 
My attitude 
It's all beyond my control 
And you'll never in a million years hear me say that 
Today was a very good day


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Wow! As if interviews are not stressful enough!
Need a job prank ?? lol
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