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jeff “Start a Website” Dez
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Learn #Internetmarketing with top #IM company clickbank

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How to learn Internet marketing
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jeff “Start a Website” Dez

Christmas Gift _ what gadget?  - 
Nice cover for s5 to my collection
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Solution if you forgot your windows 7 password or laptop password. Software for instant reset
What to do when you forgot your windows computer password and how to unlock or reset your password without losing files The only 100% safe was to reset your password without losing any files Resources or software
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Ipad 5 perhaps !!
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pennystock investing 
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Mel b ourne
The +Eureka Skydeck 88 is situated on the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, which stands 297 metres high, and is the highest public vantage point from a building in the Southern Hemisphere. No wonder you get such an awesome view!! (Photo: Seek with Dave)
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I checked it out last week you an idea of how you should help your video rank
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In a tight spot. .#Indian female #police will rescue you 😮
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Just got this today s5 cover from
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My laptop got eaten by a monkey.. but password was still managed to be reset by this software
If you forgot windows password Check out @AusBizChannel's Tweet:
Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.
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CIA did its first tweet on twitter yesterday.. quite apt the tweet ..:)
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Good info
This Google patent filed in 2011 introduces a nice concept: Content propagation likelihood or, in other terms, a viral score calculated for each user of a social network. It is a value that estimates the probability that a content (say, an advertisement) will propagate through a social network if a specific user will share it.

The patent introduces the concept in the following way:

"More specifically, aspects of the present disclosure relate to selecting content items to send to a user of a social network based on the user's influence and activities within the social network."

To sum it up, advertisers want to present their content to users who, more than others, could help their advertisement to be spread in the social network.

The "viral score" may be calculated taking in account how users react to an entity that is shared by the user and monitoring several signals, like:
• "Likes," "Recommendations," "Annotations," etc
• the number of "Reshares" of the entity by users
• the number of "Comments" made about the entity
• the number of "Messages" sent mentioning the entity
• the number of "Visits" to a web page or physical location (e.g., store) associated with the entity
• the number of "Purchases" of a product or service associated with the entity
• the number of "Search Results Clicks" on the entity

Title of the patent:
Method and system for selecting content based on a user's viral score 

Filed on:
August 31, 2011

Read it here:

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In his circles
257 people
The work is highly taxing
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Only the brave shall inherit this kingdom !!
Got a website, blog it. Got a blog, SEO it. On mount Everest , climb it. Got a smartphone,Upgrade it.Like recipes, cook it. Want a Ferrari, earn it. That's  all me ..How about you ?
Bragging rights
Studied tourism no jobs, Degree in commerce, got a job that pays my bills
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Keep a day aside for this trip or maybe Two days Leave Early in the morn iF you Can to Cover more rides Etc specially if You have a baby or Kid Buy Front of line Pasees to Skip the huge lines or wait ...though lines move Quick Once they allow people to Enter Good Luck😊
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great place to pick up some grocery and 😆 beers.. n milk..
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bee there once before ..quite shabby ... but cheap drinks .Hopefully they will change thier design and decor soon to attract the right crowd The bars don't accept eftpos, but the drinks are very reasonably priced. The drinks are reasonably priced, the dance floor is larger than life, and the bathrooms are unsurprisingly ..dont know what to say
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ok ..little less exciting than what i expected..but still great amazing views of the ny skyline at night from the 9th floor
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This is a good park with facilaities for kids to play and also very clean When all residents have access to facilities that make life better and more pleasant, regardless of their socio-economic status, communities take a step toward greater equity. This park is about the other community facilities in the lives of individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities. Although they are often considered frills when budgets are tight, they can be just as important as fire and police services to the quality of life in a community.
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