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NurtureGirl for Thrivable World
NurtureGirl for Thrivable World

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Playing with the profane and the divine in a creative game. 

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Summer 2014 :)
This summer I:
Watched falling stars, had picnics at the ocean, went for bike rides, hiked in national forests and state parks, kayaked/swam/jumped off cliffs, camped on river banks, enjoyed hot tubs, wandered through prairie grass, swam in a lake, went to plays in the park, walked the dipsea trail, napped in a hammock, and ate breakfast/lunch/dinner in a treehouse I helped build, and in general sucked the marrow from the bone of life. I read Momo and The Book of Life, along with poetry and some science journals. I hereby declare it a highly successful summer.
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Thank you for sharing +Seb Paquet 
+jean russell : "We simply do not receive much gratitude, and when we do, we feel seen for who we are, loved, appreciated, validated, and blessed. That has to be good for your health, right? Certainly for happiness.

Here is a list of questions that I am using as prompts."

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An insight unfolds - the triple value of the groan zone in transformation: Mycelium Coach's Call Groan Zone from coaching team call.

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Thailand Turkey Feb 14
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google wants to give me a custom url. Cool. But not one that matches my gmail account? Nope - they won't let me put the M in the middle. Why?

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Crowdfunding video for Learn Share Lab from

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SF, are you coming out to play November 8?

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The future of money is a crucial part of the thrivable world I hope we are all building toward. I think an important part of that effort is making it visible to the public. Heather Vescent is doing that, if her kickstarter makes it. But we have to mandate it socially, by backing the project.
If you are running a company working in this context, let me encourage you to be a producer of this series, it is a very inexpensive way to get 1.5 years worth of visibility for your organization. 
If you are active in this field, help others be more aware of it by making this little project fly. 
If we all chip in a little, it means a lot. Together we can do it.

If you ask me, Heather Vescent is the one person most clearly aware of the trends in currency across a broad spectrum without a bias because of her annual surveys and research on the subject. Please encourage her to keep making the field of work visible.

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Thrivability Book Hack... premiere event. SF 8 of November, 6:30pm at SF Impact Hub. You coming to play?
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