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Comprehensive, in-depth Jazz Piano Lessons
Comprehensive, in-depth Jazz Piano Lessons


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New Lesson Just Released

Improvising Over Blues - Cedar Walton
An Analysis of Cedar Walton's Solo over "Blue Spring" from Kenny Dorham's 1959 Album

Cedar Walton’s concise two-chorus solo over Kenny Dorham’s blues head, “Blue Spring,” from his 1959 album of the same name is a model of melodic economy. From the opening blues scale lick, to the minimal left hand comping, not a single note is wasted on flourish or unnecessary gesture.

In this lesson, learn how he crafts his surgically precise lines from blues scale and chord sound material and then download the practice session PDF file to play the transcription and transpose seven of his licks into 12 keys to use them in your own solos.
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Live, One-on-One Skype Lessons Now Available
Work on Voicings, Improv, Solo Jazz Piano, Tunes and More with Bill via Skype

One-on-one Skype lessons are now available on Struggling to stay motivated? Need help moving forward in your study? Have questions about a lesson on the site?

One-on-one attention can help dramatically in these situations and in combination with JazzPianoOnline's pre-recorded, self-paced lessons can be a powerful and cost-effective way to advance your musicianship.
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NEW Solo Piano Supplement
Three New Video Chapters and Practice Sessions Added

Every tune presents unique challenges. In these supplemental lessons, you are taken through excerpts of standard jazz tunes note-by-note to learn how to use spread and rootless voicings as well as other voicing techniques to realize professional full-sounding solo jazz piano arrangements.

This supplement shows you the voicings for "I Remember You," "What's New" and "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To."

Try Slo-Mo Mode
This lesson presents a great opportunity to use the slo-mo feature. While watching the lesson on a PC/Mac (it is not available on iOS or android) move your mouse over the lesson window and press the "shift-left arrow" keys. This will slow the video to 1/2 speed. This will make learning the fingering much easier. Press both keys again and it will slow it down to 1/4 speed. Press "shift-right arrow" to resume 1x speed. You can use this feature for any lesson on
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Four New Video Chapters and Practice Sessions Added

The update includes new video chapters and practice sessions on voicing the chord changes to the ballad "Peace," mid-tempo, even eighth note latin feel "Once I Loved," 3/4 waltz feel "Someday My Prince," and the up-tempo swing feel "Stella By Starlight."

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