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Jay Swan
Mousetrap? I see free cheese and a challenge.
Mousetrap? I see free cheese and a challenge.

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Out of over 65,000,000 Evernote users, I was number 130,262.  Thanks Evernote for showing me that I am foolish early adopter of new "shiny" things.  

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Definitely need to save these. Always need to have some treats for special occasions. #paleo #treats

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I am kind of "Feeling This" new Google Music "All Access." (Pun sadly intended.)  

It is pretty slick in browser.  However, I don't think I will leave Spotify if there isn't an iOS app and standalone Mac app in the pipeline.  Spotify works so seamlessly across all my devices, and I have established my "musical" world (at this time) there.  

But +Google has a tendency to surprise me, so I will not pass final judgement just yet.

The new Google+ is beautiful.  If only people I knew used it.  Maybe I will just start using it exclusively and meet new people.

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Must make more of these... like, yesterday.

Bonus tip: If you save the fat from the pulled pork recipe in this list, you can use it to roast vegetables and make them spicy!

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Who's a naughty wookie?
May the Fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars Day… and don't forget Revenge of the Fifth tomorrow.

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May the Fourth be with you, indeed.

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I know what my little boy and I are watching tomorrow!
Circuit Playground “A is for Ampere” – Episode 1

Adafruit’s new kid’s show is here! Circuit Playground “A is for Ampere” – Episode 1, learn all about electronics with Ladyada, ADABOT and special guests! Ampere describes the number of electrons that flow through a circuit in one second. It is named after Andre-Marie Ampere.

Ladyada – +Limor Fried 
Andre-Marie Ampere – +Collin Cunningham 
ADABOT – Collin Cunningham & +phillip torrone, Puppet by Annie Fresh, design by Bruce Yan
Music: Tom White & Collin Cunningham
Intro animation – Bruce Yan
Written, filmed, edited, directed and produced by – Collin Cunningham, Limor Fried, Phil Torrone and the +Adafruit Industries  team

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I wish I could describe how much I enjoy playing hockey. At 37, finding my love of playing the game far surpasses my love of watching the game, has been almost unexpected. It is hard to think of a sport or activity that I look forward to more. I feel so fortunate to have a local rink with lots of adult practice time and open hockey. And even more fortunate to have an amazing wife (+Katrina Swan) that tolerates, and even has encouraged, this new obsession.

I love the new Google+ iOS app. Facebook needs to take some notes.
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