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So, that sucked. Created a quick test event to check out the google+ live hangout thing, and it sent out messages to everyone in my contacts list, ever. There's probably a setting that stops that from happening, but it isn't evident. Also, the live hangout app took all my RAM, then crashed. Really great feature there, google.

If you got a notice from me, sorry about that. Totally unintentional.
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Seems like it. It showed up on my calendar with me as the only invitee.

I figured you just really wanted to hang out with me.
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CentOS, ectually.
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It's what I get for listening to

I've probably recorded fifty versions of this song, but this was one take, second try, and probably my favorite to hear (though not my favorite to play). Who knows how many years ago. Ten? No idea.
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Hey +Mazda USA: You should be happy to know that the 2014 Mazda 3 can survive mixing it up with a west Texas deer at highway speeds. Yes, the car was damaged, but myself and my wife were not damaged, and the car (once the fender was pulled away from the wheel) took us another 400 miles to home in Austin. Note the prominent hoof prints in the hood. The deer was a juvenile male, about 85 to 100 pounds. The impact happened at roughly 50mph (in a 70mph downhill section of state road 17, with literally no one around for tens of miles).

The brakes and suspension are what saved us from more damage, and the design of the car definitely helped minimize the damage.
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I always carry. No reason to have a CCL if you don't.

You can't harvest animals on public roadways, among many other legal problems with harvesting road kill. Plus, the meat would have been awful, given the amount of, uh, organ destruction and massive stress that the animal was in when it died.
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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There's so much in modern music that would not exist without Skip James.
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And....the browser crashed. Well done!
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Cool. ISS flashes by the moon.
#Transit of the #ISS and the #Moon

Captured from the #Mojave Desert on February 15, 2014, 22:23:57. High clouds were still clearing out of the area, after a day of overcast skies, and the seeing was very poor.  The moving clouds, and 5 frames with the unlit ISS, are visible in this #AnimatedGIF of the 1 second transit.  ISS Range: 594 km (369 mi).
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Some views from the road and Ft Davis.
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Looks alot like Utah. 
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Got an invite for Google Glass. Not quite ready, I think, to spend $1500 on them, but I get why they charge that...there's someone far more interested than I am in, say, developing for them that will enthusiastically pay that price. Still, I have 7 days to decide. Hrm.
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Go for it!
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I could never talk about myself.
I could never write about myself.
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I’m 43 years old now, goddamn it, and my life is amazing. So why do I keep comparing myself to some styled professional?


Inspiration came from reading a blog by +James Tanner this morning,

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Helon had a lot of blood on his shirt when we sat down for lunch, but what could I say? Probably nothing. Probably dining with dried blood

Well, a few things stand out. The good: 1) The folks working there are great 2) The breakfast was pretty good, though the steam tray&s weren't hot. 3) Decent wifi, though you have to buy into it or be at AT&T subscriber. 4) spacious parking garage. The bad: 1) The room (room 433) was a smoking room in the 80s, or had been used as a smoking lounge in the 70s, or something. I used to smoke, and it didn't bother me too much, but it was a bit overwhelming. 2) No hot water. That was a little disappointing to find out at 5am. 3) Noisy, though I carry a white noise machine with me when I know I'll be staying next to a highway. 4) I located the one towel. Could have called and had a towel brought up, but it was sort of a fun puzzle solving adventure to find the one true towel. 5) The room itself is tired, old, with odd stains on the floor. Nothing huge, no dried pools of blood or anything, old floor. In an old room. In an old hotel. 6) Spooky parking garage with about a six foot entrance, If you have a large vehicle, you'll have to let some air out of your tires to get in. I have a small car, but it rides fairly low and I had to approac the ramp sideways, which is tough in a narrow space. All told, I wouldn't recommend it, despite the professional and friendly staff.
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Well, it doesn't get much better. There are rockstar places like Franklin's where you may have to wait three hours and may not get food. Then there's places like this: really great food and really friendly folks. Go here, you won't be disappointed.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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I don't know what's in the green sauce. Sour cream and jalapeno, sure, but also something really addictive. I'd say that I've had better tacos in Austin, but I'd be lying. This place is the real deal: fast, friendly, really amazing food for way less money than the hipsterati spend at places like Torchys. There is no inside seating, and the space is not user friendly, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The food is perfect. The chicken is great, but the carne plate and taco are just, perfect.
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This place is great! The service is fantastic...the girls at the front desk were very cheerful but not annoying, and knew the area. Room was spacious and bigger than I thought it would be. The place is pet friendly, and our dogs were not the only ones here. Hardwood floors in our room, great bed, and really good rates. If you're on the road, this is the place to stay.
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