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Looking forward to the "Upgrade Existing Brackets Installations" in Spring 35! Now if we could just get CCleaner to do that...

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Who else is a big fan of Brackets?

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Anyone notice CodePlex being down?

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Saw The Secret World of Arrietty last night. Another great Studio Ghibli film. The landscape animation is just like all their other films, simply stunning really. More beautiful than any CGI film. More fast paced than Ponyo but still very innocent like My Neighbor Totorro (only one antagonist and a mild one at that). In all a great film.

Working on my first overclocking project. Decided I didn't need the water-cooled on my first effort... Just went with a two fan Cooler Master. We'll see if I fry the entire system.

Star Wars Blu-Ray should be arriving today!

Running some Windows 8 on a TrueBox VM... just wish I could have it use my video card too...

Why are the markets freaking out about the debt downgrade? It means nothing. Aside from the 0% chance of us defaulting, is there other debt out there people would rather buy? Not freaking likely.
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