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Hello my name is Jason Fox and I am a recovering member of Myspace.
Hello my name is Jason Fox and I am a recovering member of Myspace.

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Considering adding on to your home? Some of the best advice we can give is to compare your construction costs to sales comps for your neighborhood. Learn about these tips and others on our latest blog at #HomeImprovement #RealEstate #ROI #HomeSweetHome

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Facebook Survival Kit

Facebook can be vicious and cruel when it comes to small businesses and bloggers. If you want to reach more people and find success, you need a Survival Kit!


Get over 75 tools, tricks, hacks, resources & more!

#Facebook #SocialMedia #Business 

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Real Estate Terms You Should Know
Here is a quick review of some of the more common real estate terms you should be aware of when buying or selling a home.

Take a look as +Shannon Holmes provides some insight on the commonly used terminology found in real estate sales.

There are also helpful contributions of other worthy real estate content from +Lynn Pineda +Luke Skar +Paul Sian and +Tom Horn as well.

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What makes this the best time to sell... possibly ever.

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How to buy real estate in a surging sellers market.

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A couple of mugs made for radio. We talk about, "How to do real estate business in a super charged sellers market".

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7 of the Most Effective Content Marketing Tips for Startups

You’ve just entered the world of entrepreneurship, and you want to take your industry by storm. You know you have tons of competitors, and you have a challenging task ahead of you. So you’re looking for the best ways to achieve your goals, and to do so quickly.

This is where a good content marketing strategy enters the picture. In the simplest terms, content marketing is the art and science of creating and distributing content for promoting your startup.

Read on to learn seven of the most effective content marketing tips for startups and new entrepreneurs.
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