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Buying organic food makes you a dick.

Renate Raymond has encountered her fair share of organic food snobs, but a recent trip to a Seattle market left her feeling like she'd stumbled onto the set of
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That's fun:))

"At my local grocery, I sometimes catch organic eyes gazing into my grocery cart and scowling," says Sue Frause, a 61-year-old freelance writer/photographer from Whidbey Island. "So I'll often toss in really bad foods just to get them even more riled up."

I'd sneak close and quietly put some bad fat-loaded chips into their cart just to see angry WTF?-expression on their faces:)))
you sure you aren't a tad bit more snobby towards people that buy cheap, read: bad-for-the-animals-milk?
I don't buy/eat what folks call "organic" food, and am treated as a sub-class of person by many of these food-snobs as a result. "Ew! You eat hamburgers on regular buns???" sneer
+Marianne Bailey the organic milk is normally ultra-pasteurized (I invite you to look for a small circled U on the label). That means it is kept at high temperatures for a much longer time to improve the shelf life. Maybe you like it better because it tastes less :( Also, 2% milk is not "regular", whole milk tastes so much better!
I personally don't care if it's organic or not. What's the difference???
"Snobbery" is the least of our worries, IMO.
The cost makes me laugh no pesticides or preservatives needed yet more expensive your paying for the "organic" label. Yes it costs to establish the status but when done its back to good old fashioned farming am I right or wrong? 
Organic food is murder.
Is this correlation or causation?
Being from California, the capital of snobs, I can say that I have seen more fights in Whole Foods over parking and who was first in line than in any other store!!
We are an "organic" family, as much as we can be. We think of it as an investment in our health, and the planet we share. But I don't think growing, selling, buying, or consuming organics can bring any trait out of you that wasn't already there. Sounds like just another way to divide & separate rather than unite people, and that is every person's choice... to either find commonalities or differences in those you encounter.
Miss shapen,dirty overpriced crap ,have i missed anything?grow my own not a bit like the organomarket crap ,but then I havent got a BA(Dailed).
Organic food takes up more land for the same amount of food, so really it's less sustainable
+Tim Peterson yeah but if food is farmed organically the land is less likely to be drained of nutrients within a few years and therefore produces more food in the long run and is better for the environment
"Organic Food" is a marketing ploy, you have no way of actually knowing if that hamburger that cow came from was fed whole grains and allows to roam free in miles of pasture of it if was fed crappy oats and kept in a 5' by 5' pen. Watch the Penn and Teller: Bullshit episode on organic food to get some more insight, they did an experiment on there to see if people who normally ate organic food could tell the difference between organic and non-organic food, and were asked which ones tasted better. 90% of the time they chose the non-organic food. Just to fuck with people even more they took the same non-organic banana and split it in half; they labeled on half "Organic" and one half "Non-Organic", since it was labeled "Organic" people came up with wild claims that that it tasted better, had more flavor, etc.. while the "Non-Organic" banana tasted fake and a bunch of other BS. It's all psychological.
Reminds me of a South Park episode called 'Smug Alert'. Very apt...
Hahaha their is a smug cloud covering San Fran
+Christos Tsekouras you have the right to buy any kind of food you want, and I encourage you to support smaller manufacturers, the issue most people have is the attitude that often comes with it
<sarcasm>Jerks? They're doing you a favor by eating organic. Show some respect.</sarcasm>
I think everyone should study statistics and how things cause other things in school. The tendency for people to see a correlation and immediately assume one causes the other is highly correlated to me face palming many times a day.
Why are so many people posting long comments? I'm to lazy to read comments that long.
Doesn't this self-righteous snobbery apply to pretty much any group of people (or, cult) who feel they are in-on-the-secret and are at a moral high ground?

The truth is that a majority of people (atleast the ones I've spoken to) would start buying organic if it gets cheaper and more accessible. But then that's a chicken and egg situation.
If anything growing/raising organic food is worse for the environment. Since there is less yield, more has to be grown/raised. More crops = more nutrient depletion of the soil, which requires bigger tracks of land, which requires more water. All the things that are being given to livestock are there to improve its health and increase output. Let's say with a "treated" cow you can get 500 Lbs of beef from it and a "natural" cow you can get 300 Lbs, you would require (almost) twice as many cows to get the same output of meat! That's twice as much water, twice as much food, twice as much waste, twice as much land, and twice as many cow farts which (supposedly) harm the environment! I still don't really believe in global warming but that's a debate for a different day.

That's the Fallacy of Causation for you +Tim Peterson!

Thanks for posting those links +kevin Johnson, I love that show, the Bottled Water episode is another one of my favorites!

How can you be entirely sure of most of that +Stewart Alaniz unless you raised and slaughtered the animal yourself? Yes you can check to see if it's gluten-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free, but there's no test available to see if an animal was caught in the wild or lived in a cage all its life. Your "No nutritional value" claim is (almost) completely false, considering that a lot of products these days are actually fortified with vitamins to make them contain more nutrition than they would if they were grow/raised by you or I. I think you're the one that needs to do your research buddy, all you have to do is read the labels like you said! Hell, even the pretzel M&Ms I'm eating right now have nutritional value to them considering they contain 2g protein, vitamins A & C, Calcium, and Iron. Granted it's not enough to sustain yourself on and yes they do contain 20g of sugar in a serving, but everything must be consumed in moderation. Without the pesticides and preservatives that are currently used on our food, crop yields would be very low which would drive prices up and those foods would have a lot shorter shelf-life since they would spoil quicker. So you're essentially paying more for the same crops because the farmer has a crappy yield to bugs and animals eating his crops and if you have to go shopping a lot more since your food doesn't last nearly as long, which leads to spending more money. All because you perceive the benefits that organic food is better, which makes you feel better mentally, which leads to improved health. Your mind is a powerful thing and it can do crazy things. Once again, it's all psychology
Organic food covers only vegetables and fruits?
What if a Hen is raised in perfect natural way and consumed? Wont that be organic chicken? :P
You're probably one of the few that actually do that +Stewart Alaniz (visit the farms), which is smart on your part so you can actually tell stuff is organic. What I'm talking about is the people that buy "Organic" foods from supermarkets, not farm stands. I can't say anything about the first three entities you listed but the FDA and USDA actually help (most of the time), I guess you've never read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle . Your body is acting differently to non-organic food because it's not used to it. People say the same things when they've been vegetarians for years then go back to eating meat. Is meat bad for you? Definitely not, why else would we have teeth made for tearing off flesh? Also most of the plant materials our bodies can't digest.
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