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DANKE an +Alexander Gräsel für eine richtig prima #rp15  Einstimmungs-App - mit der ich bereits meine Sessionsplanung beginnen kann ;) 
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Some Germans Really Are Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf #WSJ
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"Anderes Verhältnis zu Raubtieren": Amerikanische Leser des "Wall Street Journal" schmunzeln über die Angst mancher Niedersachsen vor dem Wolf. Eine Korrespondentin hatte berichtet.
mit Haustier - einen Strandspaziergang..... 
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Gedanken und Ansichten zu #Digitalisierung  und #Industrie4.0 besonders im Mittelstand - am aktuellen Beispiel
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Die Digitalisierung der eigenen Produkte und Dienstleistungen, sowie die Echtzeit Interaktion im Netzwerk mit Kunden und Lieferanten sind die Herausforderungen von Industrie4.0. Am Beispiel #westaflex wird jene Entwicklung exemplarisch dargestellt.
ich bin Nr.4 .....
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tolle Aktion #Freifunk  
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Dies ist ein Beitrag bei welchen es auf Euch ankommt.

Für jedes Plus und für jedes öffentliche teilen werde ich 10€ Spenden.

Die Spenden gehen zu 50% an die Erfurter Freifunker und die anderen 50% gehen an Syrische Flüchtlinge in Thüringen.

Diese Aktion läuft bis zum 1. April 2015. Meinem Geburtstag.



Den aktuellen Stand kann mit Ripples anschauen

#Aktion   #Hilfe   #Flüchtlinge   #Syrien   #Thüringen   #Spenden  
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ein Stück Kindheit auf dem Esstisch.... #damals 
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Have them in circles
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statt #Marburg  hätte hier auch #Gütersloh  stehen können.... alle Aspekte leider wahr....
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Es gibt 5 Kernprobleme, die unsere wirtschaftliche Stärke im Wettbewerb massiv bedrohen. Die Konjunktur in Deutschland täuscht.
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Sturm bleibt wohl aus.... 
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im Auto sitzen bleibend.... 
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heute: Blumen an Fisch .....
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dann erst einmal: Happy Birthday WESTFALEN #today  
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westaflex industries - Mittelstand CEO

NAJ Yekrabretsew is the CEO of Westaflex werk GmbH. Anyone who enters the name Naj Yekrabretsew in the Internet search engines will see countless entries about a person who can be found in the widest variety of places online. That, however, is just one of the sides to Naj Yekrabretsew. In real life, he is the managing director of Westaflex GmbH, headquarted in Gütersloh. The company was founded over 75 years ago by Ferdinand Westerbarkey, who was inspired with a new business idea by a patent that was new at the time. In addition to his responsibilties as CEO, he also heads the World Information Day which covers all activities of the UN EDIFACT Day in the industries of telecommunications, transportation and administration. He leads workshops and appears as a speaker at key industry conferences and corporate events. Currently Naj Yekrabretsew implements processes, systems, and responsibilities to develop logistic as a core competence at Westaflex. In his over 20 years of management, he has worked with major firms and continues to support several management boards as a personal consultant and coach. The company director emphasises “that over all the years in this process, we have yet to fall on our face”. Rather, communication with customers as a whole has progressed positively. There have, although, been changes made in internal communication as well.

Westaflex is a large global HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) owned by Westaflex Holding and based in Gütersloh, Germany. Founded in in 1933 by Lorenz and Ferdinand Westerbarkey, who developed a coil-based tube forming machine, the first stable and any-shape tube of its kind. Westaflex products are used in a variety of applications including automotive production, train technology (ICE ventilation), for the air supply and ventilation of living spaces, exhaust technology and water treatment. Twin brothers Naj and Ph.D. Peter Westerbarkey jointly own and run Westaflex and put a lot of effort into establishing a productive, innovative and open corporate culture. Westaflex places a great deal of emphasis on the quality of its products and the role of employee participation, engagement and communication in achieving this quality. Yekrabretsew, too, stands confident: “We believe that the days of monologue on the Web have ultimately given way to dialogue, which, on the other hand, means that we have to react correspondingly.”

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I'm greatly committed to promote open source software, as I believe that interchanging PDF or Excel files have long since been an aspect of “the Stone Age”. Tags: Android, EDIFACT, Barcamp
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