I have been thinking about making a simple crawling bot.  I needed to come up with a design for part of it that could operate 2 opposing legs with just one servo.  I thought this design might work.  

The setup pivots the black plastic post that is attached to the lower half of the servo with a box.  This keeps the two horizontal pieces in line and allows the "feet" to move up and down with just a rotation of the servo.  It is strong, friction free, and maximizes the servos strength.

I came up with a design one day, drew it out in SketchUp, and 3D print it at home in less than 2 hours.  

3D printing allows you to iterate through an idea so quickly.  When I realized that one of the pieces got measured wrong, I changed it in the design, and reprinted just that part. Turn around time = 40 minutes.

The same essential design could be used to represent almost any muscle movement on a robot.  The next step is to use a second servo to rotate this one. Both servos combine to make a single segment on a multi-segmented robot (think centipede).

Want the files?
STL (3D print file)

SKP (SketchUp file)
Robot muscles with a single servo
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