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Happiness is the key to success. Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success. Success is not the key to happiness.

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Alien face huggers. It's how I peal my oranges. 

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This Atari watch would totally be my first smart watch. 

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This is pretty cool for graphic nerds like me. Though I'm sure those same graphic nerds already saw this.

Google's neural network producing image enhancement. I can see an immediate need for this to enhance medium to high res images for higher res print, or to crop a photo and enhance it.

Probably a good idea to use a black floating card to cover up email screens, credit card numbers, and jibbly bits on video now.

If you squint really far down, barely open, the 8x8 and the Ground Truth columns look the same. The 8x8 improves and the GT degrades, but the middle point is pretty far up from 8x8... amazing how the brain fills in the details.

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Here's a really old animation I did in 1992. I posted this for the Amiga community, and just to show friends some of my early jobs as a freelancer before my professional CG career began in 1993.

If you want details about how I did it. I typed them up in the Basic Info under the video on YouTube... just drop down that blurb under the video.

Pardon the quality and low res nature of it. It was pulled from Hi*8 about 8 years ago. I can't find the original NTSC high (?? LOL) resolution movie now.

Obviously I need a better Hi*8 deck to pull from and better video import card to get more resolution out of it and restore it. Or unless an emulator can read Amiga floppies, I need an Amiga with a Video Toaster to reexport it.

I should look into this when I'm not so busy working on job hunting and starting a new company. I've still got tons of my old Amiga software and projects I worked on. I'll have to get an old Amiga system some day.

YouTube was supposed to have posted here too, but apparently it didn't or will do it later... Hmmm. Sorry if this ends up a duplicate posting.

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"She's got leyegs, and she knows how to use them!"

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For the Amiga fans. I hear this video is great. I haven't seen it yet, but it's been in my recommended news for 2 or 3 weeks.

I started out on Apple and Atari, but it was the Amiga that was the key to my career starting out. I had almost all of them, and I was NewTek's first international Video Toaster sale (I was in the Air Force stationed in Okinawa Japan at the time).

My friend Steve Lawn, was the president of the Far East Amiga Resource, was the first guy I met to do 3D with commercial software (I had programmed my animation to this point). Sculpt 3D and DPaint was where started.

Then we met another friend Tim Kinder, who let us use his office space for the SIG, and I was the president of the graphic SIG, and I think Tim took the reigns after I left.

Together we taught 2D & 3D animation, modeling, and video. We shared ideas and helped each other to push the tech and ourselves further.

I met a couple other friends there who were just as dedicated to the platform and the group and brought their own perspective to it.

Paul Cotto, who was into turbo silver and film. Micheal Yoder, who was into the programming and scripting side of graphics and was first of us to do 24 bit by merging three 8 bit renders, even tho he couldn't see them cause he didn't have a frame buffer.

Together we all pushed the technology and ourselves hard. In one meeting my power supply blew up with a fiery explosion. That made our newsletter written by Wade Rogers. Gary Writzel, the former president of the F.E.A.R rebuilt my power supply and monitor.

Steve and Tim, went on to work for kongsberg naval simulation. Tim was first and bright Steve in. Years later Tim went on to commercial airline sim. Steve came to work with me at WCP, and later went to work at Raytheon. After that he started his own company to do make 3D configurators for the web.

Paul works at NASA and Mike is a programmer. Wade, was a photographer I met on the same flight as we came to Okinawa, no idea what he's up to these days. And Gary that angry old fart, is probably dead or fighting angrily back at it. All of us were in our 20's and 30's, except Gary who was in his 60's.

The Okinawa Amiga years were 88 to 92 for me. My first major project was for Pepsi in Japan, introducing the new label with a Betty Boop to of character undressing the old label and revealing the new. I used my video gear to record a live model, and rotoscoped in Dpaint over her using the Toaster to get the video into the Amiga where I could reference and paint each cell digitally by hand. This was in 92.

When Steve and I left Okinawa we created a company Vector Teque but it was too far ahead of what the market was ready for in the pan handle of Florida back in 92.

I went on to Alpha Video for two years, replacing the famous John Gross who left them for Hollywood. Then switched to the pc, I moved to Play for 8 years where I worked with the former NewTek original crew to invent new real-time desktop video technology, and made life long friendships there too. From there my LightWave 3D experience brought me to WCP where I worked at an Emmy winning studio 3 years, mostly on PBS and Fox and made more life friends (though by nobody was from the Amiga era). That job led to a game company for 8 years and made more new life long friends.

The Amiga and NewTek were a life changer for me as I had the tools to do what I needed to do. Long before 3D was a household word. We were doing 3D years before the famous Mind's Eye video came out.

Today all of us have careers we defined in the 80's through the Amiga user group we all formed, and most of us keep in close touch on a regular basis as family.

Typed from my phone, pardon any errors.

#Amiga #LightWave #DPaint #SculptAnimate #workbench #dctv #turbosilver #vivaamiga

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This is a cool way to introduce children into programming flow and exercise their brains with technology. Exposing kids to various things helps them to know what they enjoy and they will push it further, like anything.

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Quorra inside my PC on my circuits.

Just playing around with my phone and #Pixlr to make the pixelated parts and text, and #Photoshop to do the color work to get the cyan and repainting her face to match the #Disney promotional materials from #Tron #TronLegacy.


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Interesting 64 but Pi clone.
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