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Just me.

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Scott Weiland's Ex-Wife: His Kids Lost Their Dad Years Ago

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Just to lighten things up a bit.
+Matty Auslander

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This is a huge milestone.

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I'm going to legally change my name. 

Ok G+ gurus. Is there a way to keep me from seeing what people + 1 if what they are "plus oneing" isn't in my circles? Right now if someone plus ones a post in another community I see it but I don't want to because it clogs my feed. Thoughts?

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You know how this ends....

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This has the potential to get really ugly. Consumers are going to suffer regardless and the politicians will do just fine as they can blame the mess on "the other guy".

Mon training - random bits and pieces
Front squats: triples for 10 minutes
Sumo deadlift: singles for 10 minutes
Lots of mobility work.

The point of this week is to just get work in and keep rigor mortis from setting in. I'll hit it hard again next week.

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Thoughts? I think that we shouldn't have any religious holidays off and would love to see us transition that way.
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