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Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving Week!! :)

Good Rainy Morning :-)

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From the backstreets of Barcelona... caged in fire...  

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Love this.
· Gwendolyn Nukes a Fork · (a scribblecrush request)

Gwendolyn Small, so fair & brave,
stuck her fork in a microwave.
A silly plan from end to start,
she barely escaped with a ticking heart.
But as luck would have it (for each mouse and rat)
Curiosity killed the cat.

I've had the most delightful afternoon at Gwendolyn's house. We usually sink a few beers and discuss the week's sandwiches. I have a go at her for laying mouse traps; she loves mice, but she doesn't want stupid ones bunking in her abode. By the seventh or eighth beer, the mice come out and join us, Gwendolyn usually starts playing her violin, and I fall asleep in the late afternoon sunlight. She gets bored and sticks Post-its® on my face with obscene messages.

Today she was telling me about a friend who has some stuff going on, and asked me to do a little scribble for them. I had no idea what to scribble, so she threw a fork in the microwave just to see what would happen (because that's how she rolls) and said "Draw THAT." So I did.

So this scribble is an anonymous scribblecrush request for an anonymous person on a difficult day.  As appallingly vague as that is, it's all I've been given leave to say, other than:

"I'm thinking of you:)" ♥

#scribblegraph   #scribblecrush

Happy October everyone!!!

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Reshare this~
All otaku's should know about anime day! :D
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