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Jake Gardner
Website Developer/Computer Systems Engineer
Website Developer/Computer Systems Engineer


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Has anyone taken a look at StaffHub on office 365 yet?
I took it for a test run today.

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Anyone using Microsoft Flow yet?
I am starting to play around with it to send out notification emails to staff to let them know what is going on.

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How to allow communication with normal Skype users on Skype for business

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Has anyone else been using the Planner in Office 365?

We have been using it to track tasks and phases on IT projects. It has been working pretty well for us.

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Managing your business in uncertain times

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My client lost control of their domain name, we tried to get it back but someone had registered it fair and square while it was expired.

The person that has registered the domain name has put up a different site with different content.

So far:
We have moved the website to another domain
Gone though local citations and changed domain name
Updated domain name on google maps and my business
Changed domain name on social platforms
Searched for any backlinks and changed them(well not all of them but as many as we can)
Verified on webmaster tools and submitted xml sitemap

My real question is what else can we do to change the rankings?
What can we do to speed this process up?

At this point we are 7th on page 1.
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