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Heeeey! I did this in my free time 😁
It's a big concept, the last one I will do of Google, now for real.
I remade all the ecosystem of apps, and redesigned most of them. Some of these you already saw in previous posts but there are a lot of new concepts inside 😏 (Including: Google Home, Compass, Street View, Classroom, Trips, Android Wear & more)

I didn't crop the photos because the lack of time, sorry.

Check the project on Behance:

#materialdesign   #google   #android   #redesign   #concept   #apps  
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Crunchyroll: where ads are made with iMovie and "memes". 
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Okay, I'm gonna just bring this up right now.
The Nintendo Switch has its storage situation being a complete joke. Not like that's new or anything, it was the same with the Wii U, but this is the console Nintendo is trying to use to come back.
And this console has 32 GB of storage.

Now, we don't know much about that storage, but it's reasonable to assume that it's flash memory, like what smartphones use.

32 GB isn't much. For reference, GTA 5 on PC is roughly 65 GB, and on the XBox one, to Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Batman Arkham Knight are all wind 39 GB. So already, this implements a massive limitation on porting games to the console.

Storage can be expanded via a Micro SD card, but that actually has potential to cause an even larger set of issues. SD cards are extremely slow, and they're extremely unreliable. SD cards are extremely prone to corruption, to the point that they themselves can become unusable over time, so users would have to replace these regularly.
Let's also take a moment to recognize that SD cards use an old standard, while UFS is faster and more reliable.

It's also worth noting that literally every potential fix for all this aside from more storage options and UFS support are essentially impossible. Nintendo won't use M.2 storage, and even if they did, they wouldn't release firmware which users could load onto their own drives to get more storage. They won't add support for multiple SD cards, because nobody would do that. They'll likely just be contempt with fucking up storage for the Nintendo Switch, which is going to harm the console permanently. 
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+Younes Layachi it's 720p. I think that's fine, actually, since most games are pursuing 4K on consoles. They end up at resolutions like 4Ki or using checkerboarding, which just doesn't work all too well with games. 
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I'd like to clarify real quick that on a fresh twitter account, with no accounts followed, and literally no data set, the first thing it suggests I do is follow Donald Trump.

And this is why we can't have nice things. 
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Trump is the reason the network is still alive. Of course they're gonna use him.
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Introducing the Nintendo Switch to a PC already.
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I assumed this had been fixed.
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Oh, I still get that regularly 
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Assuming that an underscore is a numeral in base37, that's Furi has a refresh rate shortly under 3 THz.

Am I part of the Glorious PC Master Race yet?
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How does that even happen? 
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Dear Blizzard Entertainment:

Fuck you.
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In Pokémon Moon, you get to go into a lab named "secret lab" to look at suspicious deleted files.
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"I am a beater"

And thus, Sword Art Online lost all dramatic stakes.
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Crunchyroll - where you can see the exact same ad 4 times in a row, with the only difference being what quality it's in.
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And with it, I mean SAO
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Is this what we see before death?
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