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jabulani chirinda
Fascinated by science and driven by technology !!
Fascinated by science and driven by technology !!

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Judging by what we are experiencing in AI powered apps like google allo, news, mail, search, facebook and a whole lot more, AI is still a stretch from really being a darling. The response I am noticing particularly in google news is more like that of an infant trying to communicate with an adult. Its too pavlovian. If one day out of the blues I click on say link on botswana, news easily makes the assumption that I like anything on botswana and start dozing me with botswana stuff every day. No man, we humans aint such a straight line.. Obviously algorithms are getting better by day....

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+Vusa Dube​ respond to this. Facebook has a bright future like i said weeks ago

Whats the future like for Facebook n google?
I am sure if u r an investor u want to know what the future is like for yo stock. My guess is the future looks much brighter for Facebook than it is for google and here is why:
When Facebook bought whatsapp it invested heavily in the future. Indeed it coughed up 21 billion dollars to acquire whatsapp. Google of course had been in IM business much ealier with its google talk. Just like Microsoft failed to see the mobile market passing by, so did google. It let the IM market slip through its hands. Remember those days when Steve Balmer said android was a small project doomed to fail. Now the point is IM is going to be everything in the future. Already some IM platforms like wechat are shapinh up to be like mini webs or "internet ". These apps are developing to be self sustaining with massive user numbers. While their capabilities may seem so limited for now, think of what AI will do to those apps. The possibilities are endless. And where is google in all this? Well google is primarily a search firm, it has not been able to coherently deal with rise in IM. Its current response has been to through in a myriad of IM apps. That certainly looks doomed. Google is simply too late to the party. Facebook certainly looks well armed and poised to exploit the future market of AI based marketing. Well the game is on, Facebook needs to mess up big time to loose this one. Such a subtle change of an IM acquisition is all that Facebook needed to conquer the mighty google 

So why is google pushing hard to integrate chrome and google play store? I would think most of you know that by now. Its google's strategy of preventing the imminent collapse of the web as we know it. Google thrives on indexing web pages and providing cutting edge technology of serving up that information as search results. The explosive popularity of android must have taken google by surprise when the app ecosystem began to grow much faster than the web. This would mean google would not be google in say 5 yrs. So google has had to devote its most skill engineering talent to reverse what could have been a self inflicted shot in the foot. But the question remains, can google stop the tidal waves threatening to rip the web apart? Can google stop the android momentum? It remains to be seen, how perhaps google will deploy its much regarded AI technology to its entire ecosystem as this could be be google's game changer in the future.

So whats the next exciting design in mobile devices and apps. I guess its the application of AI. I imagine mobiles and apps being able to self customise themselves as the user interact more and more with them. All those regular changes that we do to apps would kind of fade into the background as AI takes over and gives us a truly smart phone. Imagine Microsoft's word app being able to detect that u r writing yo boss and instead of accepting yo short hand u normally use for IM and SMS, the app intelligently picks up yo message and reformats it into a formal mail. Of course AI on smart fone is slowly marking its way. Its perhaps at its very early stagr, more like the internet in 1984. What we should know is it will not be so long when all these things just happen on our mobiles and never amuse us. 

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Its been a while since i posted here, well here are some of my reasons why i rarely post on google+ despite the fact that Google is my favourite brand.
1. Google+ is not regularly used by more 90% of my contacts.
2. Google+ has not special data bundle on any network here like whatsapp, twitter, Facebook and Opera mini enjoy.
3. Google+ is a data guzzler, it loads fotos and thumbnails and cannot be configured to reduce data consumption.
4. Google+ does not offer much when offline, compare that to whatsapp.
5. Google+ is not cool enough, especially for our beloved sisters.

All that said, i am a regular user of Google +, i dont post that much but i do enjoy the quality of content posted here.

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with just a few hours to go, the games facilities in byo are still not complete and let alone commissioned for hosting games. africa and its people!!!

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