Lawyer Bashing

Reading the newsfeeds, the headline "The Samsung Galaxy S III: The First Smartphone Designed Entirely by Lawyers" caught my eye. By trade, I was a lawyer and was licensed in the state of New York for several years.

Lawyer bashing is quite popular with the masses and with so much of tech news revolving around patents people vilify the lawyers. I had a professor at Vermont Law School who explained our position in the world - if not for lawyers, people would resort to self-help. Things could devolve into the wild west. Instead, we have a procedural system that allows people to resolve their disputes via their words. The two sides settle their issues and abide by a ruling of a third party. It's actually quite elegant.

The thing is, most lawyers are merely doing their jobs. Your client is your boss and as a lawyer it is your job to zealously represent them. If your client wants to sue someone and you believe there's a good faith reason behind the claims, you comply.

Sometimes I compare lawyers to guns. Most guns don't do damage by themselves - it requires the action of another to cause the gun to fire. Other times, I compare lawyers to plumbers. There's a job to be done and it's not exactly glamorous (even though television romanticizes the legal profession at times). When something goes wrong, you're sure glad when that plumber shows up.

Lawyers aren't a "necessary evil" any more than laws are. We're simply necessary.
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