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El plan de Arabia Saudí para 'estirar' la era del petróleo lo máximo pos...

No son pocas las hipótesis que se han expuesto para explicar la nueva normalidad de precios 'bajos' en el petróleo: la lucha contra el frack

Searching for Life on Earth-Like Planets May Be a Mistake, Need to Consi...

A newly published study states that searching for life on Earth-like planets may be a mistake and details why scientists need to consider no

Kepler 22B Is Habitable But Would Take 23 Million Years To Reach - Indus...

This week noted scientist Stephen Hawking made a controversial remark stating that in order for humans to survive over the next millennium w

The Rise (and Rise and Rise) of the 0.01 Percent in America

The average 1 percenter is quite rich. But she lives in a state of relative poverty compared to the astronomical wealth of "the 1 percent of

Does My Dog Recognize Himself in a Mirror?

Humans and dogs respond differently to their reflection in mirrors.

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A colonial delivery system thrives in 2013

All Organizations Are Social, But Few Are Social Organizations

News flash: Organizations consist of people. How well an organization works depends on how its people interact and work together. Thus, ever

Oracle Primavera

Collaboration. Compliance. Control

Save money. That's an order

Behavioral economist Meir Statman once thought friendly persuasion could get people to save for retirement. Now he advocates stronger stuff.

Prosecutor Chucks Book at Groundhog

Punxsutawney Phil, known world-wide for his ability to predict an early arrival of Spring, got it wrong this year. An Ohio prosecutor who’s

Obama brokers Israel-Turkey rapprochement

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel apologized to Turkey on Friday for killing nine Turkish citizens in a 2010 naval raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla

Dita Von Teese Flaunts the First 3D-Printed Dress You Might Actually Own...

You're looking at the first fully articulated 3D-printed dress. Printed off at Shapeways, the piece was designed by Michael Schmidt and Fran

How Much Water Do People Drink?

The U.S. is drinking 38% more water than 15 years ago. We're soda-banning ourselves.

At Least 100 Billion Planets Populate the Milky Way

By analyzing planets orbiting a star called Kepler-32, astronomers at Caltech estimate that there are at least 100 billion planets in our ga

Naked-Eye Comet Pan-STARRS at Its Brightest This Weekend

Comet Pan-STARRS will make its closest approach to the sun yet on Sunday.

Israel's Dreaded Tipping Point Has Finally Arrived

Israel Has Three Choices: Being a Jewish state, a democracy, or possessing all of its historical territory. It can't have all three.

Postscript: Hugo Chavez, 1954-2013

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Frias, who died on Tuesday, from cancer, at the age of fifty-eight, was one of the most flamboyantly provoc

Corporate Profits Are Eating the Economy

In the last 30 years, there has been a great divergence between growth and workers' incomes