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We support the identities of the B in our #LGBT community. "Share" this graphic to show your friends and family that you do as well! #illustrations
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3 happily ever afters, ... some will have both instead of either-or in their life :)
Particularly if you're lucky enough to have both at the same time. ^.^
Not Bi- myself, but my lady is, and definitely feels an appreciated freedom to have all aspects satisfied without having to choose :)
Wait... that's not just bisexuality, that's also polygamy. XD
I still don't mind, though, all the power to 'em!
polygamy - while many consider it to be polygyny, more technically i think of it as being married to more than one partner, ... would hold a V instead of a triad... i don't think polygamy (polyandry or polygyny) allows for triad type situations unless someone comes up with new terms

polyamory is love without the need to be married (when compared to polygamy). to love more than one without restriction on gender or configuration of those relationships
i love that "phase" or "choice" part, ... i'm straight, but i know it's not a choice, the thought of being with another guy, ... i can't wrap my head around and be comfortable with it, that's not a choice in my life, that's my nature, ... for others, it's the other way around, it's not a choice for them either, thoughts of being with someone of the opposite sex is a turn off they just can't bring themselves to be comfortable with either, ... there is no 'choice' about it, it's who we are, time to accept diversity.

those that want to say it's a choice, ... when is the last time you thought about kissing the same gender ?, go on, it's a choice right, so make a different choice, shouldn't be any different then who you're used to kissing.
I.m bi and I love it it.s noones business what u are it.s u.r right to be who u r not what everyone wants u to be
I'm gay and I'm proud of it and if anyone doesn't like my choices then they can suck my cock. Especially guys.
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