The Castle of Brescia - Lombardy
The great fortress, which rises on the Cidneo hill, site of the first settlements in prehistoric times, is a true and proper fortified citadel, with towers, bulwarks, walls, courtyards, drawbridges, dungeons, constructed in later times, from the 13th to the 16th centuries. The medieval nucleus is composed of the Mirabella tower, 22 metres high, the Mastio built in viscount times and the drawbridge. The Mastio was erected in 1343 on the summit of the hill, surrounded by battlement walls and protected by a deep moat. Around this central body, during the rule of the Venetian Republic, between the 15th and 16th centuries, were constructed the circular towers, the bastions, the warehouses for storing the food commodoties (large and small millet - Migli), the monumental entrance crowned by the Lion of Saint Mark. Currently the Castle houses the Museum of Antique weapons, the Renaissance Museum, the Specola Cidnea (an astronomical observatory), and, in the Migli, two plastic railroads, half for children and for model enthusiasts. From the castle keeps one savours one of the most beautiful, Brecian panoramas.
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Photo by: giovanni_novara
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