Marine Protecred Areas in Italy
The Kingdom of Neptune - Capri, Ischia and Procida - Naples - Campaia

The Kingdom of Neptune is a real underwater olympus rich in shallows, sea-cliffs and Posidonia prairies populated by rare species and many types of organisms. The marine protected area has been established in 2007 in order to preserve and regulate the exploitation of the sea area that
goes from the islands of Ischia, Procida and Vivara, positioned in the Gulf of Naples. The peculiarity of the rocky sea floor is due to the vulcanic origin of the islands. Every area of the park has its own traits: in the shoal Secca dele Formiche of Vivara there are many caves that seem man-made. On the Falesia sea-cliff in Sant'Angelo di Ischia there are colonies of yellow coral polyps, known as the black coral of the Mediterranean, now protected from underwater pirates. Punta Imperatore, in Forio, the underwater area near the famous ship-shaped rock, is an interesting location. Cuma’s Canyon, zone D of the park, has planned special encounters for all the visitors: dolphins and sometimes whales and cachalots. The area’s diving centers organize guided tours and dives.

Photo: Procida Isle
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