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Meanwhile in Sydney

Yes, it's an 18m high condom

A giant pink condom has been applied to Sydney's Hyde Park Obelisk in the early hours of the morning.

The giant condom is 18m tall and will be erect for a week to help raise awareness among gay men about how they can help end HIV transmission in NSW by 2020. 

Commissioned by +ACON – NSW’s lead agency for HIV prevention among gay men – the installation is the climax of the I’M ON safe sex education campaign.

I reckon it also makes a great new monument for our politicians...

#AboutAustralia  -

via +Belinda Kamel 

#sydney   #australia   #safesex   #hiv   #aids
#noglovenolove  (h/t +steph wanamaker
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Def worth a read. Go is the new C! Personally, I feel language s that'll be extremely useful in the next couple of years (and worth to be good at over next couple of years) are Scala, Go and Erlang. Def think this is the way of the future. And Python 4.0 will steal all the good bits from them. Muaaaha!
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