#BookOfRevelation #PreTribRapture Data Points

1. Rev 1:4-6 identifies the 24 Elders of Rev 5:9-11. It is undeniably the church!

2. The elders have already gone through the Bema Seat Judgment evidenced by the crowns, robes and thrones. Rev 2:10 promises a crown. Rev 3:5 promises white raiment. Rev 3:21 promises a throne.

3. Rev 3:8 promises an open door.

4. Rev 3:10 promises to be kept from the hour of trial which is to come on all those who dwell on the earth.

5. Rev 4:1 is a picture of the rapture.

6. Rev 4 & 5 the church (24 Elders) are in heaven and have already gone through the Bema Seat.

7. Rev 6:1 The Lamb (Jesus) opens the first seal which starts the tribulation.

8. The church is mentioned 19 times in Revelation chapters 1 through 3. The Greek word used for church or churches is ekklēsia

9. The church has been caught up to heaven in the rapture by chapters 4 & 5. In Rev 5 when the 24 elders are singing the new song, They say: "and we shall reign on the earth." In order for them to reign on the earth they have to go back to the earth at the second coming with Jesus.

10. The church is in heaven all during the tribulation (i.e. 24 Elders).

11. The Tribulation Saints refuse the Mark of The Beast 666 and are beheaded for the faith in Jesus. Just one interesting point to make a distinction between the Tribulation Martyrs from the 24 Elders. Both groups have white raiment or white robes. But these are two different Greek words which distinguish one group from the other. For the Tribulation Martyrs the word is: stolē. For the 24 Elders the word is: himation

12. Rev 19, we come back to earth with Jesus!

It is a PreTrib Rapture all the way. If you need to know more check out my series called: "Eye Can't See The PreTribRapture!" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQz7IQA9ce9rH-wOyf0bvBpMsfkJBpPOo

God bless you!
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