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We know that all matter is only “solid” energy following Einstein's famous equation E= MC^2
Now imagine if there were many different dimensions where this equation is different for each universe, for example if we go one level down to another universe through a singularity
We find that in that universe E= MC^3 because matter is more densely packed and if we go one more level down through another singularity the equation becomes E= MC^4 and so forth so for level n, E = MC^n and we went through n singularities to reach that level and imagine if in order for E to become less energetic we go to negative values of n and that our universe is not so special but just an average universe no too small not too big.
Now imagine how would the physics of these other universes be like if E was more or less that the value in our universe, for beings coming from universes with a negative value of E, we'll perceive them as ghostly beings and for beings coming from a value of n greater than 2, they'll be so much denser and stronger than us, sort of supermans.
This was just a thought that came to me in a lazy Saturday morning whilst in bed, may be some theoretical physicist will pick on this thought and develop it further.

Conceived and written by Isam Elbousserghini

On self love or self compassion:
Every difficulty in life is made easier by self love,
Let me explain the previous statement:
The latest research on the functioning of the human brain tells us that we experience physical and emotional pain in the same areas of the brain and that physical and emotional pain is made up of two components: the psychological component and the sensation in the body.
When we bring to mind thoughts of self love, such when you say to yourself: I love you and accept all your mistakes and shortcomings, you ease the pain as the psychological component of self blame and self torture has been removed.
So the difficult time severity has been reduced as a consequence of the application of self love to the self.

Written by Isam Elbousserghini
On 9/02/17

The ultimate human resources manager( an AI)

We have the technology today to implement the following monitoring of input/output relationship between environment ( internal and external)and well being, creativity and productivity.
Let me elaborate: There is a branch of computer science and in particular Artificial Intelligence called deep learning that maps inputs from sensors or otherwise to outputs.
The best way to explain the relevance this technology to the management of people is by way of example: Company X took the consent of its employees to monitor their vital signs including blood pressure, heartbeat rate, hormonal arousal activity, blood pressure…and also took measurement of environment state indicators such as temperature, humidity level, sound pollution, air pollution, and weather and mapped it to productivity level, then the system tweaked the external environment indicators by changing temperature level, sound pollution…
and checked the productivity and well being levels through surveys and by direct monitoring of vital signs, the system then learned the best measurements for optimizing productivity and wellbeing levels.
The system could then give recommendations of the best course of action vis vis employee deployment and /or whether an employee should or should not come to work on a specific day. The company became the best place to work for in 2027.
Such a system could be deployed within a few months if a resourceful organisation or company decides to put resources into it.
An AI human resources manager would not only dramatically increase productivity but would also create an environment of well being and happiness for all.
The question that comes to mind after reading this brief abstract is: why is such a system not implemented today? And the short answer is ignorance or lack of vision from our political and business leaders.

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