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12may 2037
By now I have an implant that links me directly to the cloud.I just think about my request and I get confirmation in my field of view through my contact lenses or, if I want to ,I get a voice in my head confirming my request.This is through my direct auditory input.The clothes I am wearing change colour ,texture and temperature automatically if I set them to automatic climate control for optimum conditions.
This morning I felt like being in nature for a while.I thought about national parks I haven't visited and that I might like and a video of yellow stone national park in America started playing in my contact lenses.I loved the nature displayed in front of me .I signaled it and a card showed up in front of me with trip details and cost.the cost was two thousand credits and that included the flight , the assistant robot, the driverless car with sleeping facilities and the food.
The time to leave is in two hours.two hours later I got a voice message that my driverless taxi is parked outside patiently waiting to take me to the airport.I did not need to take anything with me .all my medicine was delivered through my nano_devices that I inject once every six months .and I had four months reserve .all my info is in the cloud and my nano_engineered clothes cater for my needs and transform to pyjamas and different styles at the speed of I stepped outside and mentally instructed my house robot to look after the house in my absence.I stepped into the car and mentally instructed it to leave.the trip to the airport took 20 minutes.once I arrived to the airport .I saw directions to my plane in my contact lenses superimposed on the airport floor .the plane was huge and could accommodate 2000 people and crossed the Atlantic from London to America in 60 had a thin frame and was all.made out of glass or so it seemed
The departure time was in half an hour and all the spacious entrances to the glass plane were wide open and everyone was getting in quietly.a voice in my ear informed me that there is a flight to my destination every half an hour.I got onto the plane and sat in one of the spacious armchairs.and started watching a documentary about yellow stone national park.
An hour of pure delight was that flight.we were among the clouds .you could almost touch them through the transparent ceiling and when the sky was clear ,you felt a great feeling of freedom amongst all the blueness of the open sky.We soon arrived and I could see yellow stone under my feet through the glass that became tansparent under my seat when I thought about it.
The plane landed smoothly and immediately I got a voice message that my driverless car with the assistant robot and camping equipment is waiting for me about a 100 meters away. I got off the plane that came to rest in the middle of the comfortable lounge .I got off feeling great and excited with anticipation .I sat down in the lounge and instructed the cloud to put me in a meditative state and immediately felt relaxed and I started noticing my breathing that became calmer and calmer.I took fifteen minutes fully enjoying the meditative state.Then thought about the car waiting .I got an augmented map with red arrows immediately .I followed the arrows that took me to a sunny area where countless cars were parked .I approached mine and saw the robot siting in the back seat .As soon as I came close to the car the robot calmly and gently got out and introduced itself and said that he will help make my vacation great.I got into the front part of the car and thought of the car departing .The car started moving immediately .A voice in my head asked me if I needed the robot to talk about yellow stone .I declined and just sat there amazed at how things became so easy.We have been driving for a good 40 minutes when a voice in my head said that our vacation designated spot is reached.We got off the car the robot and I .I instructed the robot to build the accommodation and I went for a walk.I came back to find the robot had built a small lovely cabin that appeared made out of a material between wood and leather. Instructed the robot to serve me a drink .he proposed a glass of sparkling water.I accepted .The cloud knows what I like.

By isam Elbousserghini

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The reward of tolerance and love between nations

As our nations are friends, and there is love and tolerance of each other and as Europe had a need for energy to heat up houses in the winter months and for other uses.
I propose to think of building of a massive solar power stations in the Moroccan sahara to help Europe with fuel shortages and on reliance on Russian gas.
The weather conditions in the Sahara are ideal for the setting up of a solar power plant to feed Europe and the UK with cheap energy.
I think Europe and the UK should look for energy shortage solutions in the direction of Morocco as both our people would benefit from such a partnership.
Just a passing thought that has been caught and was triggered by reading an article that 40000 people died in the last winter alone due to shortage of money to pay for energy.
I'll be more than happy to work as a project facilitator between the europe\uk and Morocco as I am a citizen of both nations and highly motivated to bring our peoples closer together.

Long live tolerance and cooperation.

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My advice to you Egyptian brother .read more science. Especially about the scientific thinking.develop your ability for critical thinking. Don't accept anything without proof.
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i am ready to help.Just ask
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On purpose in life

We start with this postulate:
"A life with purpose is a life worth living"

Let's explore it's implications :

Purpose in life gives motivation and guidance that fuels the engine that drives all actions.
Purpose in life when great is a source of unending inspiration, a soul shaker, mind processes trigger,
a motivation starter, a mind strengthener, the emotion of inspiration derived from great purpose is of such importance in the life of an individual that it can transform a destiny from mediocrity to greatness.
When purpose is shared among a group of people sparks fly and minds start to create ideas, plans, inventions and words to fulfill the destiny inspired by the vision that the purpose helped manufacture.
Light photons have no effect but to illuminate what they touch, focus and guide the photons and you'll get a metal piercing laser.cutting the metal is impossible for a unfocused light but with purpose and focused efforts the laser managed to do what scattered light could never achieve.
Let's have as great as purpose as we can.
Let's save humanity from destruction and misery.
That is our purpose. Let all the photons of our single efforts gather to make the cutting laser that cuts through misery, inequality and injustice.
Let us be driven by this noble purpose. Lets create inventions that will build a world where people of all races, religions and background thrive, flourish
Bathed in serene well being and happiness.
Let this vision guide our actions.let collaboration be the norm, let frustration be transformed to an energy that adds to the collective laser beam.
Let us save humanity

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No problem. Good luck.
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On why it is important to have people with foreign accents appear in national television:

There are about 7 million foreign born British citizens in the UK.yet they're almost not represented in public life or have TV appearences, no political representation, no senior positions ...
Why is this the case?
We can only say that that foreign born UK citizens are discriminated against on grounds of not speaking the language as a native.
We know for a fact that a very big number of foreign born British citizens are highly intelligent and qualified to the highest degree, yet don't get the positions.This discrimination is having a very negative impact on subsequent generations of British citizens as no being treated justly has a direct impact on income which has a direct impact on the education of the next generation.So we can say that by using the laws of statistics and probability that as generation one is discriminated against and not given full opportunity of participation in society that generation 2 and subsequent generation n, will feel the impact of this discrimination.
We need to give full rights to generation one, so that generation n can have the same opportunities as the older generations of British citizens.
I call this "generation depth equality"
We need to be just to seed the foundations of a beautifully serene, happy and prosperous society that can be taken as an example of a successful multicultural society. Contribute to world peace through the design and implementation of policies that tackle the root cause of the trouble the world is experiencing. Different cultures are mixing, let's mix justly and equally.

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Brilliant talk.very smart girl who talks from the heart.when you suffer like she did.nothing scares you anymore

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Why is it that the oppressed appear aggressive to the oppressor?
Oh, my god the poor are so aggressive!

There are two categories of people in this world: those who are rich and powerful and those who are weak and poor, for all intents and purposes
we can call the rich the oppressor as they have the added advantage of directing the lives and actions of the poor through the extra power they have at their disposal through the difference in wealth between them and the poor. From the perspective of the rich this extra power is felt as a deep feeling of well being and security, on the other hand this lack of power from the perspective of the poor is felt as a nagging sense of danger, fear and anxiety. The behaviour of either groups of people is a function of either the lack or the excess of this power.
Now that we laid the foundation ground for our topic, let's ask the question: why is it that the poor behave in an aggressive manner? And in light of what we just said, we can easily say that the answer is related to this lack of power brought about by the poverty, the frustration and hopelessness that the poor feels.
On the other hand, the rich living in their subjective bubble hardly take any of these considerations into account when judging the poor to be aggressive and are puzzled by the lack of patience the poor is showing.

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On having literary courage,

Most people live their lives trying to conform to the order of society.The less people challenge the current state of affairs the more stagnant is the society. And in contrast the more people challenge the current state of affair the faster the society evolves to a more developed state.
I have been called radical for expressing my views about how I think we should share public funds.My view is that anyone receiving a salary from public funds should aim to serve and increase the happiness of the beneficiaries of her
Services or product.So we need to find a formulae linking the salary S and the indicators of productivity and happiness.
Is this so radical? Or is it just a brilliant peice of genius to solve society's ills.
What is literary courage got to do with this?
In order to let oneself think creatively and critically
about what is justice:
Two factors should be present : A deep sense of justice emanating from the bottom of the inner being, and the courage to express those ideas that conform to one's sense of justice.
This sort of courage I call :literary courage.
Literary courage contributed dramatically to improving the human condition throughout human history.
Please comment.

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On developing patience,

We know from observation of different individuals, how the ones that are more patient are the ones that are more successful in life.
We know from history that the top 100 people that had the most impact on humanity, from prophets to great scientists to great philosophers, writers and poets. The people that shaped the way we think about the world.just a minute, read that again and take a few minutes to reflect about what I just said:
I said that the way we think has been largely determined about only 100 people in the history of humanity and the estimate of the numbers of people that have ever lived is 300 billion people
So a tiny, tiny, tiny proportion of humans decided what we think.what was special about that tiny elite. Were they superhumans ? Did they come from outer space ? Or we can try to use a scientific look at their lives and find the common features that they all shared. After reading many biographies and reflecting on each of these individuals, I found a common pattern in their existences. They were all trained by the sublime teacher. You might think I am referring to a deity. No it is much much more down to earth teacher. And the responsible entity is called ADVERSITY, but how, we try to be as comfortable in our lives as possible, we try to be as away from adversity as possible. That is the normal default reaction. So how does adversity train us.well adversity is only the teacher and what it teaches is patience. So the lesson the elite learned is to be patient.
So we come to extracting value from this short session of philosophising. Can we train ourselves in patience without going through adversity.
The answer is a big yes.patience when looked at analytically reveals itself to be no other than a skill to deal with pain both physical and emotional.
Patience is the capacity to bear.
There a whole set of techniques that I have developed that I will reveal in my coming book.for now just reflect on the nature of patience.

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True quote! I need to hear more about that! Thanks
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Humans by their very nature have the ability to create. Our mind are creation machines, our minds are in a constant creative mode.

Now, the question, as it is customary in my writing and thinking style :why are the vast majority of people not creating then? What happened to these people to change the nature of their minds to become non creative?
In order to render a child non creative you have to make a conscious effort to change the intrinsic human nature. You have to build mental blocks surrounding the child's imagination. You have to imprison the mind of the child to kill the productive output of a normal mind.
Most of this destructive effort is done by adults in an automated way, after all the adults were once children and we put in the prison themselves, they have no way of knowing that there a whole universe of possibilities outside the prison.
Now we are coming to the zenith of the matter : How do we avoid putting children in a mental prison yet make them good citizen ?
How do we show them the vastness of the possibility space if we haven't explored this space ourselves?
This is a list of suggestions in my humble attempt to address the question:
*As much exposure as possible to different types of facts.
*encouragement when the child proposes a new way of doing things.
*encouraging reasoning that leads to insights of the nature of things rather than superficial fact memorising.Encouraging the understanding process leads to more creative thinking.
*Encouragement of critical thinking and questioning. Questioning is the key to entering the vastness of the possibility space of creativity.
*Avoidance of giving authoritative commands as it disables the child's faculty to question and know the reason behind the directive.
*Encouraging discussions and open ended questions where the child can develop creative powers.
*Adoption of research based style of teaching:
Children could be asked to find out a thing or two about a topic and explain to a colleague or to the class if the child is outgoing. This process encourages the development of ability to reflect on issues rather than memorise facts.

This list is by no means complete and could be extended if we break the walls of our own mental prison.

Isam Elbousserghini

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