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Lauren Harris's new band SIX HOUR SUNDOWN are releasing their first track. Check out the video below.
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I saw her in Belgrade before Maiden come on stage,she is only daddys girl...voice 1....performance 1 xxx
When she starts singing (at 0:23-0:25) it sounds like "Black Sabbath - Paranoid"... :P
oh my god this is a classic of metal music. I think black sabbath is a big classic of metal music :)
Not really my cup of tea, but a fairly decent song nonetheless. I don't think I’ll be rushing out to buy this but good luck to her and the band.
Bella,con voz potente y con ganas de comerse el mundo.Excelente tema,excelente vocalista.
Great performances, great voice. But I agree with Paul Boiston. The song sounds dated. Reminds me of the songs on the Jem cartoon back in the 80s. Saw them live at Costa Rica. Didn't wake up the crowd. If they just compose in a more modern fashion, I think they can make it.
In the words of a Mr. Nicko McBrain, "Not too shabby".
It is a well composed song. Yeah, it is someway classic. Why people think that a band should start with a revolution? They are not beginners, of course a lot of things had influence on their way to view music. They start with these roots, and later they can find their very own style. Nowadays not as simple to find something new in rock/metal music as was int the past. I can't wait the first full album, and after that the second. After the second album a somehow right judgment could be done, but after a single what "should be popular", it is way too early, I think.
Voice is good, guitars are good, drums are good, I feel power from it.
I heard Steal Your Fire just now, and after these two songs I feel some uniqueness in the voice of Lauren, I think I could recognize it later in another song. Maybe I'm wrong, time will tell.
pas mal, faut que j'écoute un peu plus!
Wow I feel bad that I didn't realise it's Steve's daughter lol 
It's just a rock song. I'm pretty sure she isn't going to sound like maiden, or purple, or whatever else the people here expected. But for a young lady to go in this direction instead of something like Katey Perrey and the like is very welcome in my book. Rather my kids listen to this than the alternative crap they are being bombarded with any day. Be proud of her dad!
It is not sounds like Maiden, it sounds like an individual, I think it is really great. Let'g give her the possibility, look her as a singer, not "only" someone's daughter. OK, her father is not just someone, but everyone understand what I want to say who want to.
Seems she needs to workthe  hands in order to feel the magic of it all, but she's got it, allright?
Ana M.
You can see she's Steve's daughter c:
It is curious to hear the offspring of Iron Maiden.  His daughter has some chops.   Steve, your daughter is talented man.   I am curious to see the bands from other Iron Maiden offspring.    
         I call this band Iron Maiden's offspring.  This song wouldn't be out of place if she was doing guest vocals on Iron Maiden.
Nice song and singer, but i don't think she puts her full voice in to this... bit more grittier vocals would be better...
jajajaj is Iron Maiden, is the Father's lauren that writing Music heavy that see in the video jajjaja. Is very well, greeting Lauren Harris. <3
Good riffs! Like Metallica and Iron Maiden!
I'll UP The Irons for Lauren Harris , sound good \m/
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