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The Facts Behind Google Author Rank And Authorship
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No doubt, Google - the king of the internet - provides a vast interactive services with lucrative personal and professional opportunities. As a blogger I've always loved Google Authorship and this is another one of Google's amazing services.

Google Authorship is a great way to showcase your authority within your industry. And before you get into its implementation process, check out this infographic created by +Internet Marketing Inc. that looks at the history of Google Authorship, why did Google release it - and some factors that may impact your AuthorRank.

A key takeaway is, By building up your authorship, blog posts and articles that you have written will get displayed in the search engine results pages along with your author bio photo, which can increase the click through rate of your listing by as much as 150%!

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Ed Tate
Great post +Irfan Ahmad! I have been looking for a graphic like this for a while! I particularly like the CTR stat! Check it out +Rick Eliason 
"Authority on other social platforms" dont tell me I should have keep my twitter and FB account.. ahah

and +L McGarity , i'm pretty sure they dont want people "trying to beat the algorithms" that's called "corruption"
Whoa whoa! I know nothing about this supposedly imaginery, patented, authorship ranking system. 
Authorship - the physical tying of your personal account with your writing and content.

Authorrank - the supposed behind-the-scenes points system for the ranking of authorship.
Rob May
Love it ! It'll be a great resource for all my digital strategists. Cheers.
Thanks +Irfan Ahmad for the informative infographic. +Andrij Harasewych I am using SEO for WordPress to establish the authorship and connect to my Google+ profile. Do you think this is enough or do I have do do it the manual way as mentioned in the infographic?. Also, my picture was showing on the SERPs but lately (about 3 momths) it has stopped showing, any idea how make show up again. Thanks in advance. 
Try not to kiss the King's feet so hard. He can still kick you in the teeth at any time.
Nice one +Irfan Ahmad
I will try to keep myself up to date and let see what will be the next step to get closer to the boss
For those of you who may have ongoing questions, there is the

Author Rank and Google Authorship Community

They're very active and informative.
So it all boils down to.. don't make shitty content, make more friends and connections and create things that people want to share. Absolutely nothing has changed. It is starting to feel a big waste if time trying to keep up with what google is up to every week. I'm off to create something great and to make some new friends..
+Dave Erin That's it! Lol... Relationship building and creating relevant content is the key. Regardless the platform!
Really a very useful information share your post via online users +Irfan Ahmad 
Making the web less anonymous was always Google's aim. The offline parallels are ever present here: when searching for information it's not just what you trust, but WHO you trust. The modern web needs to reflect this and not just rely on websites and links to understand both authority and context.

The only way I've seen this definitively impact ranking is is you have circled someone on G+ and that someone shared something contextually related to your search on Google+; then that person will show up on Page One (not first, but somewhere) in the SERPs. 
Only 17% of queries? That's lower than I expected. I must be getting 100% of those 17% results then. :P
I think Author Rank is the wrong term here. Google users are looking for authors they can TRUST so Trustrank is surely preferable.
This this tied to an outside blog or website run by the author? Or is it just G+ activity?
+Emma Hedlund good points. I have been thinking about shutting down my blog and using G+ exclusively. 
For good ranking, do i have to write on the same subjects? For authority i mean.
+Irfan Ahmad many thanks! great reply..
I see that we have to find out google's plans beforehand :) they wont give much info out. They had their paper published years ago. Now, they would not publish anything describing how their algorithm works :)
Like the infographic. Especially the "Why did google release authorship". Indeed, I can tell you how harmfull it is to tag everykind of content (like tag/categorie pages). So, don't do it... just don't tag page without real content.
Thank you Icah I already tore up everything I can but I appreciate it sweetness !!!!!!!!!
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