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Dealing With Passwords - Infographic
See the clear and complete image here:

Passwords are important, but even more important is having lots of passwords. If you are using the same password over and over, no matter how strong, if a hacker gets hold of it they can now get into any of your accounts that use it.

A common way for your password to be stolen is through a man in the middle attack. You’ll never know it’s happened to you until strange purchases start showing up in your bank records from online properties you’re signed up for!

To create and store them outside of your brain try using a password management system. Examples include:

Password Genie

Each one allows you to create all the passwords you want, store them easily, and some can even enter them for you. Here’s a quick guide on how to make handling your passwords simpler.

#Infographic courtesy of +F-Secure

#socialmedia   #internet   #onlinesafety  
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Irfan Ahmad

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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every #opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
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thanks irfan
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Irfan Ahmad

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Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.
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Irfan Ahmad

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20 Apps That Turn Your Smartphone Into a Productivity Powerhouse - Infographic
See the clear and complete image here:

Do you feel as though you're always racing against the clock? Is time running out? Here's an infographic, compiled by +Adecco Group, that shows 20 productive apps (for iOS, #Android, Blackberry, Mac and Windows users) to keep both you and your boss organized.

#productivity   #smartphone   #mobileapps   #androidapps   #iosapps  
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In the world of ham I would think you would need some form of ISP server with IMAP, SMTP or any other server type routing protocol, there is literally thousands of apps or should should I say email clients though sadly with some platforms OS's you can be limited on what can be used, especially iOS, windows embed, linux or android, Google is great, though reality is you don't wanna be downloading crap from a general email account..

Reality within emergency ops the only viable solution would be an instant messenger app or program, with capacity of private and group/channel chats...

I've come to the conclusion that we need high data rate for some applications to be a functional piece of kit within the a disaster situation , we are at the stage that we need to migrate from cellular based 33.6-56k modem, we either need the capacity of sat type backhaul or wifi based networking ... To act as a interweb for data comms.
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Irfan Ahmad

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How To Prevent A Google Penalty - Infographic
See the clear and complete image here:

How does losing your site's search traffic and ranking sound?

If you are a marketer, who rely too much on his/her website then that probably doesn’t sound very nice.

Many online businesses, from small to large, rely on search engines, especially on Google traffic. And Google's manual and algorithm penalties are the biggest threat to them.

So, what strategies can prevent those penalties?

Take a look at this #infographic from +Neil Patel and learn what you should and shouldn’t do to avoid a Google penalty.

Key takeaways:

Focus On Relevance:

According to the former member of Google's Webspam team: “Relevancy is the new PR”. Sites without relevant links are 50 percent more likely to get penalized by Penguin than those with some relevant backlinks, based on the analysis of MicrositeMasters.

#SEO   #searchengineoptimization   #google  
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Irfan Ahmad

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iPhone Apps to Check Your Eyesight

h/t +Gadget Advisor 

iPhone Apps to Check Your Eyesight

Everyone, even those with healthy eyes and no vision problems, have to go to see an eye doctor on a fairly regular basis. As we age, and especially in a time with so much digital media keeping us looking at a glowing screen for hours at a time, eyesight becomes more blurred. More people need contacts and eyeglasses than ever before, and it is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) that is mostly to blame.

But for all the problems they can cause, your devices can also offer you some help. For example, the iPhone has a couple of apps that can help you test your vision to know what you might need to pop into the ophthalmologist’s for a checkup.

Read it all here:

#iphone   #iosapps  
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+Irfan Ahmad
 It is a very powerful tool to keep stuff grouped this way.  I have not yet started using this, as I actually only discuss SEO stuff when I make my own posts, other wise I share mostly what others have already done.  you are an example, as I share quite a bit of your stuff further.

I will need to take some time and evaluate this more, as I am sure it will make things a lot better for folks in the marketing industry, especially those who have a few different products, where the may be able to have all posts discussing single products in a collection...
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Irfan Ahmad

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Irfan Ahmad

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AdWords is possibly the largest advertising platform online, gives marketers the opportunity to place adverts in front of Google search traffic, YouTube and even inbox Gmail users. Maybe you just want to promote a Google+ post, your up and coming hangout event, or want to know about quality score - bookmark this endless list of links to become a Google Marketing Pro!

H/t +Imran Sq 

#adwords   #advertising   #internetmarketing   #marketingtips  
Indexed: Google Adwords & Marketing Scribbles [May 2015]
List of links to posts with tips, tricks, for Google Adwords and marketing shared from my profile over the last year. Should help people of all skill levels.

About Imran Sq
Photo & Nutshell
Other Skills



Contributed Articles
Targeting Facebook & Playstation Via Adwords:
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AdWords Smartphone Targeting:

AdWords General Tips & Tricks
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Quality Score: Fools Gold & Snake Oil:
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AdWords Plus Post Ads
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Marketing: General
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Block Big Brother:
How To Use Milward Brown Tool: /posts/VykhKSenoGx
Evaluating Paid & Organic Google Position: /posts/jWX2WdvbgZh
Gif Posting Tips:

Business Ideas
Buy AdWords Templates:
►_Marketing Investment Insurance:_

#adwords #tipsandtricks #marketingdigital  
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Very welcome bro. :)
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Irfan Ahmad

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A Multifaceted Social Media Marketing Approach That Covers All the Bases

Social media marketing can be complex, and overwhelming, making it difficult to know where to start.

"This approach can be used as a cycle, repeated as needed or for each new social media campaign:

1. Pinpoint Target Audience
It should be no surprise that the first step of this marketing plan is to determine your audience. If you haven’t thought about this yet, you’ll have to sit down and thoroughly research how to nail down a target audience. If your target is vague, (e.g. you only have an age group or one other characteristic about them) focus on sharpening your understanding of your demographic during this stage.Some startups conduct interviews with members of their target audience to obtain an in-depth understanding of them. The simple part is to determine characteristics, but the more important part is to understand their point of view and their unmet needs."

Read it all here:

#SocialMedia   #socialmediamarketing  

H/t +PakWired 
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Irfan Ahmad

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Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook: Social Media Trends Q1 2015 - infographic

Bitly - a link shortener service, analyzed more than 600 million links and tracked 8 billion clicks on those links and found some incredible insight into behavior on the web. This infographic called the Bitly Index highlights the major social media traffic trends +Bitly saw over Q1 2015.

Key Takeaways:

Tumblr Is Growing:
#Tumblr more than doubled its traffic from Q4 2014 to Q1 2015. But unlike the other big platforms that drove traffic this quarter, Tumblr saw its biggest increase in desktop usage.

Twitter Is Making A Comeback:
After remaining flat from Q3 to Q4 in 2014, #Twitter traffic finally increased this quarter. While the most significant increase was seen from tablet usage, mobile is still the main driver for Twitter traffic overall.

Read it all here:

#socialmedia   #socialnetworking   #infographic   #facebook   #reddit  
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