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I suppose it's a very interesting public experiment. Put a book up for free that you KNOW people want/need. Ask them to donate whatever they think it's worth.

Right now, it's about 1 in 40 people donating, which IMO is phenomenal.

Download WordPress Multisite 101, written by me and +Andrea Rennick :) We're cool. Pass it on, share with your friends, give to your clients (yes, GIVE, don't sell please), and donate whatever you want. If you don't want to donate, that's fine. Put it up on your website (regardless of if you have ads), use it in your classes and training? Use it in your own company's codex? Not a problem! But please, don't sell it or put it behind a paywall.
If you only knew how many times Andrea and I sat and complained “There should be an (updated) ebook!” you'd wonder why it took us so long. Setting up a new WordPress install is pretty easy. Settin...
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Great! Thanks for sharing
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