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Mary M
How gorgeous, where is this place?
How beautiful! I am looking to go to the Philippines February or March of 2013.
Mary M
Is El Neato in the Philippines?
I feel like I'm sitting there sipping on my glass of wine.
Wow,fantastic view!Amazing,beautiful place!Gorgeous photo.
nature spread beauty and elegance inspiration,so creative and serene glorious.
So Elegant and beautiful. Thank you +IPI Moch for sharing such a magnificent photo! : )
very nice +IPI Moch  btw: You have circled a couple of bad user. - the last ones I found and blocked: Francesca BlueRose Matsuda and Светлана Петросян.. Please check your circles and esp all your re-sharer.  2,283 in your circles are imho too many to control and dangerous - you are due to your high quality of your photos circled by many excellent photographer - therefore you have a high responsibility that you don't circle bad user, as all those bad user have access to the album/posts of your follower. As you have added me I have either to remove all common user with you out of my circles (for this reason  because they added you) or block you which might be the fastest and easiest way until you reacted  - and I think about blocking you ....of course I can't circle you. Sorry, but it is for the security of the album of my other follower - not mine.
Greetings Miguela
He breathtaking landscape Ba God for the beauty of this
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