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Sean Stephenson, a world-renowned speaker and educator came by our office today to motivate and encourage us in the work we are doing here. He is an inspirational giant who refuses to let ‘buts’ take away the life and joy that we are meant to experience. Through tidbits of his experiences, he taught us today that it’s all about your perspective. What you hate owns you. Your time is not the most precious commodity you have – it’s your energy. We are so grateful we got to hear from this man. It was the best way to start a Monday.

Learn about his incredible journey on our blog:
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STOP KONY!! Just bought my Action Kit today!!
I love the movement and can't wait to be apart of it!
i wanna ask the money which collected from selling your products,will all of those money be used for helping the children as well? thx.
Is +Invisible Children really a human-right organisation?
The movie on youtube looks just to perfect and I don't trust your idea fully.
What do they make with the donated money?????
I'm not sure if it is a human-rights org. I do know that my friend goes over to Africa to help out with a group called Iris Ministries who helps the Invisible Children. But I can't stand how people are saying things like you just said (not pointing fingers and no offense), the fact is that with your Help we can change a whole generation's future. Have you done someone a life changing favor in the last 12 years? That is the question you should be asking. Again no offense I just think it is crazy how some people could not back something up like this?!!
There I a reason why this has spread like wildfire, and it's because there is an erg in everyone to help those who don't have hope, even if you don't do something about it there is still that erg. I will even go to the extent in saying that it is heartless to say something negitave about pertentionally saving over 30,000 kids lives.

Again, this was not meant to offend anyone...I'm purely vocalizing my thoughts and feelings. 
+Ellenore Stokes I just wanted to know what's happening with the donated money, but you don't have an answer as well

Just for you. We all know what's happening in the world, but as long it don't hurt us we don't care.
The WWW gives us the chance to inform everyone and to make everyone care about the problems on earth.
I will do everything possible to achieve that goal, but somehow I don't trust this project fully.
Everyone stop freaking out over the donations. Invisible children had to pump their own money into this to even bring this horrible situation to the public eye. So THAT'S why only 31% (not exact) is actually used towards the cause. The biggest thing you can do though, isn't donating. It's writing or contacting your local officials. Send emails all day, have your friends do the same. Politicians keep there jobs by appeasing the public, so by seeing a huge increase in public awareness over a topic is gonna make that politician want to appease all those people. Sounds really superficial of our government but that's the way it works. 
There is no money i can send but i supprort u fully so KONY can END!
Does anyone know how to write the senators that are targeted in the video?
+Martin Lichtblau I do have an answer. If you would like to know where the money is going, there is a website that lists charities and KONY is one of them, you may view their financial books and see what the money is going to.

I agree with +Michael Rooks. If you don't trust donating money, if you would be so something else to help out this cause. 
i just saw the video and it was so moving and i just want to help so much i bought the kit and watch the film and help
I know don't we all, I was just looking on the website they have sold out of EVERYTHING but there is a digital download for the posters then u can print them off. 
+Graham Weinschenk I had to hunt it down a bit, but I actually found it on the website. Sorry Graham I led you on the wrong direction. 
It is isn't it?! I'm so glad they exceeded what thy expected
Our world needs to do something about this problem if this happened in the US or Canada it would be fixed in less than a month not twenty years! Now Please help them this bad person in africa.
Pie Man
hey i don't have the money to make kony famose so can some one else help he hleping the world.
SAVE THE CHILDREN. wait a min .... thts a charity. Oh well. Still. It's a good thing your doing!
+Molly Herbert your spelling is impeccable. I believe you wanted the word two, not too. Come back later and try again though. I'm sure we'll need an unsolicited mediator some time soon.
cool it Michael. lets remember what the post is all about
how much of the donations given goes to help stop kony
i hear its 30% correct me if i am wrong
Fuck you Invisible Children. Why don't you go out and do some real charity instead of advocating for war.

Why don't you go nuts and wank off on the sidewalk like your prophet Jason. tards
Piss off +geoff washington just because u dont like what we are doing doesn't mean u have the right to say that.
We are trying to save thousands of children's lives, what isn't there to like about that? Would u rater see thousands of children taken from their families and forced to kill? If so, I am sorry for you.

I know for a fact that what the Invisible Children are doing is making a significant difference, one of my close friends goes over to Uganda and works with the Invisible Children. 
Hey +geoff washington and +Jonathan Harchick there are childrens lives at risk every day in that region. Although I value your opinion, I have to say that I think you're wrong. Here in America we are protected extremely well. However, that region is still devloping and they need help protecting themselves. Nobody is talking about full blown war. To take out Joseph Kony all we need is SEAL team six. Thats acceptable isn't it? Weren't you cheering when bin laden was killed?
+Jonathan Harchick we are not going to war because of a video, we are doing our very best (and we have to succeed) in stopping Kony.
If u, +geoff washington, and others don't like it, I kindly ask you to keep ur mouths shut. 
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