Headed to page A1: IBD's Jason Ma reports on the nation's energy boom. That's right, boom.
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Who is going to cash in on U.S. Petroleum exports? Those of you that wish to be one of those that are fortunate and insightful enough to invest now. My company helps you to do this. We research hundreds of exploration and production companies here in the US Making our investors handsome returns. 
Then we see why prices are soaring here in U.S. ridiculous to kill your own economy for selfish greed
All businesses operat in that manner. It's not selfish nor is it greedy to own a company that is successful. Now the large conglomerate companies and opec that control the prices and kill the economy. Not the smaller independent oil production companies that our investors invest with. Also we have more oil than the entire middle east. We can climb completely out of this economic situation with domestic drilling and exportation. Think about it.
Sheridon, I am a Capitalist.  i do not believe in Monopolies, or allowing industries to break anti trust laws and be in collusion with each other off shore like the oil barons are.  I also believe in God, Country, Family first.  This is what the founders established all the way back to Governor Bradford Days in Plymouth. It is a formula that worked and America was blessed beyond measure.  Every continent has natural resources but America was the only one to use them for good and shared them with the world. We are not Obama's view of a Nation Colonizing the World. He is in fact using the U.N through Agenda 21 co-opting huge industry and huge government to Colonize the World. Fair Trade is when you produce a product that brings a benefit to others and it it brings strength to your homeland and community.  It provides for you family and you tithe your church and help those less fortunate than you.  This was how it was here for the first 150 years.  Great businesses were built and provided jobs for Americans. It created a middle class.  The Wealthy built the schools and museums and centers for art etc.  When you give special tax breaks to companies who then invest in nations that are our sworn enemies like in the middle east we end up poor they end up destroying us.  Shooting us with the wealth given to them by our own corporations.  If it benefits our enemies and only the company that is selfish greed and it should be shut down. A global economy from an American perspective should be to have products benefit Americans first and bring good to the world also.  But those profits should be reinvested here.  In order to do this we first need to open up all oil fields in America and build the Canadian Pipeline.  Then we need to pass the Fair Tax which stops punishing all job creators and frees the middle class to choose when it pays taxes by when they actually shop.  The 16th and 17 amendments should be repealed.  The IRS needs to go all income taxes will go with it.  Removing 12 layers of imbedded taxes in the cost of products or equal to 35% of the price of goods on the shelf.  We would again have an economic boom like the world has never seen.  Because all money in Swiss and Cayman Island accounts would come to America in five seconds.  Watch the price of oil and you will see over the past 50 years it has caused the recessions and or when lowered caused economic growth. 
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