#AdventistPages Organization Profiles current G+ circle
#AdventistPages Organization Profiles current G+ circle

Note: This circle contains only G+ personal profiles for Adventist Organizations. These organizations need to transition to G+ pages. See also our separate post for G+ Pages for Adventist Organizations.

Please add it to your circles, share it with your fellow Adventists and add more to the list.

Use the hash tag #AdventistPages to find your new pages easier.

Visit http://GPlusAdventist.com Directory for a list of existing #AdventistPages and personal profiles (400+ currently). This directory is permanently updated.

#GPlusAdventist directory also contains a list of Seventh-day Adventist Churches, Seventh-day Adventist Conferences, Adventist Colleges, Adventist Academies, Adventist Universities, ADRA, Religious Liberty, Adventist Publishing Houses, Adventist Book Center, Adventist Ministries, Adventist Magazines, Adventist Music and more.

More details in our +Intercer Adventist News article: http://en.intercer.net/category/news/adventists-on-google-plus

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