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Think Maya were right and the world will end tomorrow? Who knows, but 75% OFF JetBrains tools will. So get it today!
Do you believe in the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy? Is the world really coming to an end? Well, we don't know about the world, but this ultimate offer will definitely end in. Waste no time and take advanta...
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Nice... but I bought my personal update license the first day of the release. I should have waited the end of the 30 days trial... 

Part of the team in the office are going to buy it today because I show them how awesome Intellij IDEA is (they are using community since 6 months).

Any chance of a partial refund for early adopters ?

Just ordered resharper c#. Cheers JetBrains .... And the Mayans ;)
I notice that your website is struggling under the load.  Normally not a big deal for me, except that now IDEA is freezing after a few minutes, and I need to do a Force Close each time.  I assume it's phoning home, and for some reason freezes the entire IDE when it fails to connect.

Assuming this theory is correct, is there a way to prevent it from doing this?
+Ian Clarke Auto-check for updates? Try turning them off under Preferences->Updates and see if it makes a difference.
+Roger Heim Actually it happened again :-/  This time I followed your suggestion, fingers crossed!
+IntelliJ IDEA Indeed, I wrote to sales, and they almost laughed at me: "this is the principal of all promotions". I expected at bit more when I saw you invited me to write to sales.

Early adopters, "Put your hands on your head and give me all your money".

Over a week ago, and still hating that I missed out on this deal
Sad to miss the offer completely. Can some one tell what was the offer price for IDEA upgrade?
25$ upgrade. nice price. it's a pity the world doesn't end every year :-)
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