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We are happy to announce that five Inkscape students will be participating in the Google Summer of Code 2012 program.

*Jan Pulmann will create Python bindings for lib2Geom, the computational geometry library we use.
*Samuel Chase will improve guides management in Inkscape.
*Veronika Irvine will create a new tool for on-canvas tessellation.
*Eugene Lezhnin will improve the way Inkscape works with text and implement some much desired features such as indentation and underlines.
*Cheng Zhang will convert more code to C++. namely SP Event Context.

We wish our students happy coding!
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great news,
I want to develop Inkscape, but I am webmaster, and I develop using PHP, and not C++ or Python.
I've developed an extension that utilises the canvas and animates learning objects using a combination of SVG, ECMAScript and SMIL all within the Inkscape environment. Inkscape is a powerful tool and I hope to use it more in the future
Animates learning objects? What does it mean?
It's an extension (a bit like JessyInk) that turns layered svg into interactive demonstrations using Javascript. My particular extension is tailored to producing basic e-learning objects, its very rudimentary, but was the basis for my university dissertation! :)
Yes, but could you please provide an example of those learning objects? :)
Maybe you could fix the very, very old bug that when the names of the gradients are very long the window with fill settings takes more than half the screen...
is there a nightly build ppa that has the features from gsoc2012?
I couldnt find a link to the git branch with Veronica irvine's new tool either :(
ah sorry, i meant to say a branch with the feature on a git server xD thanks for the link
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