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Designed for Photographers, Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Artists, Digital Artists and the like who want to learn GIMP and Inkscape software along with online portfolio solutions. This DVD Cours...
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Digital Arts Course FREE for Schools - UPDATE May 13, 2012
Due to overwhelming demand, I am simply unable to provide the physical DVD to each and every school. As a result, I have evaluated a few alternate distribution options, and I have a potential solution for schools to consider. I have decided to use YouTube to distribute these videos completely for free to schools. Here is how it works:

Send me an email (steveczajka at hotmail dot com)
Subject line: Free Digital Arts Course for SCHOOLS
Attach: PDF scan of signed letter from your school administrator requesting access to the free digital arts course on YouTube, and that your school is seriously considering (or already has) implementing GIMP / Inkscape into the curriculum.
Provide: YouTube account name that your school will be using to view the videos.

If I get 50 letters from 50 schools, I will post all roughly 2.5 GB of videos onto YouTube, and unlock these videos to every school that has applied completely for free.

So the idea here is that I need teachers and school administrators to spread the word to a minimum of 50 schools. PLEASE do NOT send money, or donations! If you want to donate, please donate to or to the people who create this software! Please note that I can not respond to all questions given the demand for this program. Thanks, Steve
I'd love to see Gimp and Inkscape collaborate on GUI - the interfaces are too different given how much they are used together. Especially keyboard shortcuts.
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