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Hbo onderwijsinstelling, Hogeschool
Hbo onderwijsinstelling, Hogeschool

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This Hangout On Air will stream the TEDxHaarlem 2014 event

The third edition of TEDxHaarlem will take place on May 22nd 2014 from 18.00 till 23.00 hours in Haarlem’s cultural cornerstone, the Philharmonie.

18:05 – WELCOME TO TEDxHAARLEM by Bernt Schneiders
18:15 – BRIDGE TOSUCCESS by Valérie Hoeks
18:30 – ACCEPTING IMPERFACTION by Ignaas Devisch
18:50 – LIVE YOUR DREAM by Abria Joseph
19:15 – WATER RESISTANT by Ignaz Worm

19:20 –  BREAK

20:00 –  STEPHEN CAVE TED video
20:25 –  HUNGER FOR SOLITUDE by Marina van Goor
20:40 –  THE POWER OF FLOW by Annette Gudde
21:00 –  STRANGELY FAMILIAR by George Arakel
21:15 –  PURE POP & JAZZ by Pitch control

21:20 –  BREAK

21:50 – ALL FOR MUSIC, MUSIC FOR ALL by Suzanne Groot & Anton Pauw
22:00 – SHEREENEL FAKI TED video
22:15 – THE STRENGTH OF ONE by Wouter Bruins
22:30 – THE VALUE OF HAPPINESS by Kylian Wawoe
22:45 – TEDX HAARLEM VISUALIZED by Dennis Luijr


What to expect
TEDxHaarlem will highlight questions of human needs. Exceptionally creative speakers will ask participants to re-think Maslow’s pyramid-shaped icon of popular culture. Does Maslow’s theory demand reinvention or is it a true reflection of our burning desires?

The TEDXHaarlem talks will be broadcast live. Viewing parties will be happening throughout the city. In the aftermath of the event the talks can be viewed here on this website.

What is TEDxHaarlem
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and was founded in the USA in 1984 as a non-profit conference. TED’s primary purpose is to share original and innovative ideas. This philosophy is well described in the short and descriptive motto Ideas worth spreading.

TED’s philosophy can be described as optimistic, since it is based on the premise that the world will be a better place when individuals share their personal knowledge in order to inspire.

TEDx was created to provide locals with the opportunity to create their own ideas worth spreading. Today TEDx communities are active throughout the world. The wide diversity of TEDx talks are recorded and made accessible for free through the social media.

TEDxHaarlem is an officially licensed TED event.

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Welk gereedschap heeft in jouw studentenhuis een prominente plek?

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Het weekend staat weer voor de deur. En niet zomaar een weekend, maar carnaval! Ga jij carnavallen? Zo ja, waar en hoe ga je verkleed?

Vandaag is het Warme Truiendag. Zet de verwarming laag en trek een warme trui aan. Heb jij al veel studenten Gespot: Inholland in een warme trui?

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Studentenproject nog niet aangemeld bij Wij Inholland?
Doe dat vandaag nog en krijg een workshop '60 seconds movie making' van Pim van Bezooijen. Pim van Bezooijen is mede-eigenaar van Studio A in Den Haag. Studio A is een full service audiovisueel communicatie bedrijf. Daarnaast is Pim betrokken bij de minor Televisie Maken van de opleidingen MEM en Communicatie.

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Let op! Vanaf vandaag één Servicepunt per locatie.
Vanaf vandaag kun je voor al je vragen over onderwijs service en servicedesk facilitair terecht bij één balie. Je vindt de Servicepunten op de volgende Inhollandlocaties:
 - Diemen (begane grond)
 - Alkmaar (1e verdieping)
 - Den Haag (0 verdieping)
 - Haarlem (begane grond)
 - Rotterdam (4e verdieping)
Meer informatie vind je op de Insitepagina Inholland Serviceorganisatie
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