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How to Learn Equine Massage Therapy
How to become a Massage Therapist for Horses..

Technique combined with compassionate intention of touching fills the therapist's toolbox with all the needed skills to be an effective equine massage therapist.
Article from Prairie Winds Art of Equine Massage

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Get Organized! Tips for Keeping the Barn and Tack Room Tidy
Article for Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls by Karen Elizabeth Baril
Get Organized! Tips for Keeping the Barn and Tack Room Tidy

A recent study showed that clutter triggers a stress response in humans.

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Broadening the Horsemanship Envelope
My goal is to open up their envelope and increase their comfort level to be able to enjoy their horses to a greater degree.
With Richard Winters

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Tips for Winter Horse Blanketing
Reasons to blanket or not to blanket a horse.

Article by Karen Elizabeth Baril for Ramm Horse Fencing and Stalls
As soon as the mercury falls, many of us ask the age-old question; to blanket or not to blanket? Ahhh….if Shakespeare had been a horseman he’d have known the right questions to ask.

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Take the lead - Developing Horse Riding Confidence
By Evon Montgomery

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When it Comes to Horses...
Article from Omega Fields®, Inc.
Mechanics Versus Psychology Horse Training
With Richard Winters - After over thirty-five years of horse training and working with thousands of horses, I’m convinced that there's nothing more important than understanding equine psychology. Of course there's a mechanical aspect to horsemanship.

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Direction and Drive Horse Training
How well can you "send" your horse? With Richard Winters

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Help Wanted! Horsemanship Journey
Richard Winters Horsemanship TV Show on RFDTV!

With Richard Winters

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How To Have Better Communication With Your Horse Trainer!
Better Communication for Horse Trainers

Whether you are just starting out or are a well-seasoned rider, taking regularly scheduled lessons with an experience trainer can help you step up your game.
Article from CEECOACH®
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