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HATTRICK for Narendra Modi! According to trends, Modi has won in Maninagar AND will be returning as Gujarat's Chief Minister. Read more:
For live coverage of Assembly elections:
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The Great Winner of Gujarat Assembly Race that is Mr.Narender Modi. 
now congress must realise that the charisa of Son iaji and Rahulji over.  It is better both of them should quite the India and find place in Italy.
Alexander invaded the country and defeated King Porus with the help of Indian rulers. Since the time of rise of Mahmood Ghazni a steady of invasion has poured in India. The tie of Nationality has now been broken resulting the integrity and jeopardise the national disrespect towards the existing system which our politicians have borrowed in succession from the wake of partition. British’s have derived a system based on two Nation theory, but Mr. Nehru in order to gain the political superiority had accepted the same and be fooled the Nation bylaming Mr. Jinnah who was actually aspirant to get the electorate representation of Muslims in proportionate on theory of Fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal rights to them be given to rule the Nation. The objective to attain freedom and to remove social evil in the society fermented hatred and discord through communal politics. The freedom has become tainted with a permanent gulf between Hindus and Muslims. The feeling of love peace and harmony in the name of God and religions has ultimate outcome of sudden and radical change which has diversified effect and impact on religious fenaims of Muslims and Hindus. The political game of British’s has succeeded in high pitch of communal frenzy. The fate of real victims has been forgotten. Now the communal hatred, madness and barbarism had its free hand both in Pakistan and in India.
can someone tell me how and when India came into existence (as india of today).  How we become Hindu from Sanatan Dharmi.    
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