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Now, Shiv Sena bans 'minors' from New Year parties:

The Shiv Sena has asked district authorities here to ensure that minor girls and boys are not allowed to participate in the New Year parties held at hotels and pubs in and around the city.
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whats wrong with banning minors from parties?  Same laws in the US (minors are not allowed in certain parties where booze and smoke are rampant).  As a matter fact, in US, if a bar serves a drink to a minor (someone who is under the age of drinking, 18), can lose its license if caught.
Where were shiv saniks and MNS members when girls are molested and raped in Maharasta ? When senior citizens are slapped by young members of their party.... Why every year they come on 14th Feb to molest young girls and boys publicly ? For me Shiv Nena, MNS, Bajrang Dal, SIMI, IM and Khaps are all same... 
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