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GUJARAT POLLS: Around the corner, battle lines drawn, hopes high though surveys and expert comments warn it might not be much of a contest. Read all the news in our special coverage: 
*Narendra Modi shifts poll fight away from communal rhetoric: 
*Rahul cites Gandhi to win over voters: 
*First phase campaign ends today:
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The way Sonia and Rahul campaigned in Gujarat It appears that they doing it as duty and not for fighting to win and probably aware that their speeches will be going into deaf ear.They are also aware that in this state they have no chance even 1%
Congress is a dirty, filty government full of goons, even  the good old congress guys have become filthy or left because of the abomination rule of Sonia and rahul , the italian shitheads.... BJP wants developmental politics not the regressive congress politics of Division......throw them to the gutters 
The Alibaba record of congress should make the Italian, her papoose and the blue turban, dig a deep hole, drop into it and pull the hole after them. But the unexpected bravado seen in public certainly points to a source of strength all right. The booty.The loot. Floose can buy anyone, anything and provide the ultimate escape too. If you want to cramp their style find the source of that loot. Can we?
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