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First-hand account: Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta remembers former Prime Minister IK Gujral's continuing legacy -- the Gujral doctrine, a foreign policy that was even followed by his successors Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh:
Is a politician like Gujral the need of the hour?
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*Mr Shekhar Gupta, I like anecdotal accounts as much as any story teller. However your piece on I K Gujral's so called Gujral Doctrine is more defamatory than I calling Narendra Modi's SAARC, or is it a killer shark, foreign policy. Modi would throw me in Tihar jail, after his Hindutva-brigade wrap my skin over their 'Trishul.' I K Gujral had a thing or two going for him, a firm belief in making amends to India's neighbors, in order to take on with Chinese dragon. Chinese are doing pretty much the same, with extending their friendly hand to Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, if not their former client, Vietnam. Geting along with one's neighbors is a good policy, provided, it is transparent and trustworthy. Vajpayee, jumped the gun.Let his stoic image of a poet-politician-philosopher, crumble over a series of underground nuclear bomb tests. One of which was rumored to be from Israel--the hydrogen--kind. It fizzled, though. The threat perception of Pakistan starting a nuclear offensive against a peace loving (sic) India, may convince Hindutva brigade and their Sangh Parivar allies. I am surprised to see your Google+ entry has not attracted their radars. Modi is looking for story tellers like you. Send him an sms, with juicy tidbits. You get a job in Modi's PMO, pronto.

   ...and I am Sid Harth
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