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Delhi Police constable Subhash Chand Tomar who was injured in violence at India Gate dies at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi.
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wrong decisions by senior police officials and few anti social elements..... 
Some one has to scumble and get natural justice for the wrong doing.It is always the higher up do the crime and lower ranks get punishment
very very sad,very very unfortunate
a family bread-winner succumbs
to the sincerity of his call of humble duty
in the face of a vast humanity gathered
to convey unhappiness over a ghastly
crime in the capital of peace loving citizens
This is punishment of naqture though crime done by some one but punished else one
There is nothing to be sorry these are part of Indian politics and it happens every other day though it got publicity due to associated with rape and people being on road to protest
+Jai Kumar i guess then you should only depend on the 'natural justice' or revenge..
The constable first of all did not die as reported by police.He is being made hera out of nowhere.
Seems like you are not following the news correctly, specially postmortem report
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