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Evening news from The Indian Express
* Peaceful protests at Jantar Mantar to mourn death of Delhi gangrape victim
* Amazing solar 'wink' tells doomsday prediction was fallacy?
* Mohun Bagan banned for 2 years from I-League
* AI plane chartered to bring back the body of gangrape victim 
In image: Security personnel escort Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit as she returns after anti-rape protesters forcibly stopped her at Jantar Mantar to take part in a demonstration to mourn the death of the gangrape victim, in New Delhi. (PTI)
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Politicians should generally be comfortable meeting the people in their constituency in a time of crisis. The day to meet the protesters was day 1. The choice to meet them today was political.

No political party in India has asked their MLAs and MPs facing rape charges or criminal charges to resign. Turning a blind eye to crime seems to be a political compulsion to them. The right starting point is to demonstrate they are willing to break themselves from their partnership with criminals. 
Dooms day predicted by Mayan Calender is not fallacy since predictions never go wrong.It was for UPA and congress in India which has already begun
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