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For India's Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, Mumbai killer Hafiz Saeed is 'Mr', 'Shri':

"Mr Rehman Malik, Interior Minister of Pakistan has been telling us repeatedly that he had arrested Mr Hafiz Saeed thrice and that on each occasion, he was let off by the courts for lack of evidence," Shinde said in an identical statement in both Houses of Parliament. 
Image: Reuters
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India has lost all its energy and commitment to counter the terrorism. Instead what we are trying is to woo these terrorist organisation to please bomb some other country and spare us :P
We don't have time to tackle you as all our 'responsible' minister are busy doing corruption, vote bank politics and introducing QUOTAS inside QUOTA inside QUOTA..and so on !
Instead he should have said honer able saeed which would have enhanced his position.Where from UPA picks politician like Shinde and Sheila Dikshit.All unwanted and rejected politicians last destiny is UPA it appears
...even then..if UPA succeeds in reclaming the power after 2014 then Lanat hai aisi janta pe  :)
Tab toh...I can say that we deserve such people in power talking such craps :)
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