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Rebekah Brooks lifts lid on David Cameron friendship at Leveson Inquiry.
Former Sun and News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks is expected to lifted the lid on her close relationship with the Prime Minister in evidence to the Leveson Inquiry today.
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She is just as bloody guilty as the rest of them and I hope she gets what owing to her.If I had my way I would just persecute them for the rest of their lives,for the bloody misery they put people threw and have no pity on them because they do not deserve it,let them rot in hell!
It emerges a private club was running for years, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. It was all nod and a wink deals for information. How sad that all the British governments have been the same. Badly marked with Sun toilet paper.
Every nation has its share of the bottom dwelling scum suckers.
Mr Cameron signed off texts to her "DC", Mrs Brooks says. "Occasionally he would sign them off LOL - lots of love
...............I always thought LOL was 'laugh out loud'
Can you hear Prime Ministers Question Time!
Price. Not to dear David. But in retrospect it has become laugh out loud
The only fun us normal people get out of politics is when we see the powerful squirming in their seats, trying to hide their obvious guilt.
They know they are all guilty and they deserve everything they get personally I would make them go through the same humiliation,like they put the other Innocent threw.All reporters are the same do anything for a good story what ever the cost to somebody else.
What's Mick Hucknall been up to this time?
now they are the story , taste of their own medicine.
About bloody time too,throw the bloody key away and let them all rot!
The bankers,MPs are all thieving crooks,too much greed will bring you down to the ground,just take what you need and nothing more,get greedy get caught.
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