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The president of the International Olympic Committee has told Usain Bolt he is not yet a “living legend”. 
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He can say whatever he wants, if Bolt feels that he is a legend then he is one. He is a legend in the Caribbean context. Congratulations to Usain Bolt, Blake and Weir. These three outstanding young men have given young atheletes from the Caribbean nations new heights to aspire to. Jacques Rogge still has a colonial mentality.
Apparently Rogge also said "if there's anything in this room bigger than my ego, I want it taken outside and shot".
Usain should win a gold medal for arrogance.
Hes the worlds fastest man at the 100m that makes him a legend at his event and in my eyes i liked to see this person try a beat him 
Yua H
More people will remember Usain Bolt in twenty years then Jacques Rogge.
how is that possible usain bolt rocks
No, for arrogance. He's the least entertaining man on the planet. A bad winner .
I conquer with him since bolt has not faced any real obstacles to win it and not brocken world record in olympic like RUDISHA!
What? He's clearly never heard of modesty.
Doug B
I think he is now.
did he break any individual world record at the olympics like rudisha?why are pple talking about this guy?
Is this because we can verify his existence?
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