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Today let's make a very special dua for all those Muslims suffering in the world today. May Allah grant you patience and steadfastness. Don't give up. Keep remembering Allah and no matter how difficult your situation is never stop saying Alhamdulillah. May Allah ease your worries and concerns.
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Aameen Ya Rabul Alameen 
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You've no right to think that the one you saw committing a sin last night is the same person today. People learn, reflect, repent & change.
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Say Alhamdulillah if you're online 
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Allah handily lah
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In every hardship, there's a greater blessing. Amidst all the confusion, difficulties & loss, you had the opportunity to seek the Almighty.
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stop replying she has the right to her opinion's but DON'T fight move on
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mash allah 
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+Mosquee zoubir bnou aouam


Masha Allah I thank you too much 
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Have them in circles
38,677 people
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And hold fast, all together, to the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves.
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Take a moment now to say Alhamdulillah for everything, from the bottom of your heart. Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen.
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If you’re feeling distant from the Deen, recite the Shahada a couple of times. Remind yourself that you believe in Allah and His messenger (peace be upon Him).
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i love islam only Allha
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Allah promises us in the Quran that if we remember Him, He will remember us. So never stop knocking on Allah's door. 
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Foolish Allah.
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TTP militants storm Peshawar school, 126 killed

پشاور میں پاک فوج کے اسکول پر دہشتگردوں کے حملے میں شہدا کی تعداد 126 ہوگئی

PESHAWAR: Taliban militants have entered an army-run school on Warsak road, taking students and teachers hostage.

Five to six terrorists entered the Army Public School

126 killed, including 84 children; scores injured

Prime Minister and army chief en route to Peshawar

Operation enters fifth hour

3:35pm - 126 killed
State-run Radio Pakistan is reporting that 126 have been killed. It is not clear how many of the casualties include children, although an earlier figure put the death toll of students at 84.

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader Nighat Orakzai confirms to reporters that 125 children were killed in the Peshawar attack.

3:30pm - PPP denounces attack
PPP's Qamar Zaman Qaira says Pakistan has long been a victim of terrorism and must unite to fight the scourge.

"Condemning this incident is not enough, this is a message for the world as well to see the kind of sacrifices we have to give," he says.

3:27pm - PAT postpones protest
The Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) has postponed its countrywide protests planned for tomorrow after receiving instructions from party chief Dr Tahirul Qadri.

3:25pm - India condemns attack
Home Minister Rajnath Singh says the attack exposed the “real face of terrorism”.

“I strongly condemn the terrorist attack on a school at Peshawar,” he tweets.

“This dastardly & inhuman attack exposes the real face of terrorism. My heart goes out to the families of those children who got killed by the terrorists in Peshawar.

3:20pm - Defence Minister says attack is 'barbaric'
Federal Minister for Defence Khawaja Asif denounces the Peshawar attack and says it is highly barbaric to shed the blood of innocent children.

"Terrorists wanted to spread pain and destabilise the country but they would not be allowed to succeed in their evil designs," the minister said in a statement issued by the Defence Ministry.

3:18pm - Loud blasts reported
Two loud blasts are being reported from the site, with the sound of gunfire also heard.

Journalists at the scene says ambulances are stationed about a kilometre away from the Army Public School. A number of ambulances are seen entering the cordoned off area after the loud explosions.

Security sources say bodies are present inside the school premises.

3:16pm - PM reaches Peshawar
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reached Peshawar to oversee the operation underway against terrorists in the army-run school.

3:15pm - Three blocks cleared: ISPR
The ISPR says three blocks of the school have been cleared by security forces, and the remaining area is being cleared with an operation underway.

3:13pm - Three-day mourning declared
The feet of a victim of a Taliban attack in a school are tied together at a local hospital in Peshawar — AP 
The feet of a victim of a Taliban attack in a school are tied together at a local hospital in Peshawar — AP
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister has announced three days mourning over this tragic incident.

Information Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mushtaq Ghani has said that security of all other educational institution has been enhanced.

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement has also announced three-day mourning over the Peshawar attack.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah announces three days of mourning across the province in the wake of the Peshawar attack.

3:10pm - Terrorists escape
Security sources say that some of the terrorists have managed to escape from the site after cutting barbed wires around the school premises.

3:05pm - President condemns Peshawar attack
President Mamnoon Hussain has strongly condemned the terror attack in Peshawar.

The president reiterates that such cowardly attacks cannot deter the resolve and morale of the nation, adding that the operation against militants would continue till the elimination of the last terrorist.

3:00pm - Children being held hostage: army
A security official tells Reuters some children are still being held hostage by Taliban gunman. 84 children are reported dead, with scores injured.

“The chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has received information from the army officials that children are still being held hostage,” Inayatullah Khan, the provincial minister for local government says.

A hall at the site had been cleared and efforts to clear the rest of the area were underway, he adds.

Hospitals in Peshawar are reporting a shortage of 'O negative' blood. An appeal has been made for donations.

The operation has been underway for five hours.

2:55pm - Children were celebrating when attackers struck: Eyewitness

Mudassar Abbas, a physics laboratory assistant at the school, tells AFP some students were celebrating at a party when the attack began.

“I saw six or seven people walking class-to-class and opening fire on children,” he says.

2:50pm - Provincial govt has failed: ANP
Ghulam Ahmed Bilour from ANP says the provincial govt has "completely failed".

"Before aspiring to become the PM, Imran Khan needs to take care of his province."

2:41 pm - Army Chief to reach Peshawar
Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major Asim Bajwa says that Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has cut his visit short in Quetta and is due to reach Peshawar.

2:34 pm - Government postpones talks with PTI due to Peshawar attack

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar telephones Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) vice president Shah Mehmood Qureshi and told him that for the time being,the dialogue process is being postponed," a credible source told Dawn.

2:11 pm - PM Nawaz leaves for Peshawar
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif leaves for Peshawar to supervise the ongoing operation against Taliban, dubbing it "a national tragedy".

"I have decided to proceed to Peshawar and I will supervise the operation my self," PM Nawaz Sharif said in a short statement before his departure to Peshawar.

"These are my children and it is my loss," the premier said.

2:10pm - 104 dead in attack: KP CM
 Security forces takes up positions on a road leading to the Army Public School — Reuters 
 Security forces takes up positions on a road leading to the Army Public School — Reuters
Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak says 84 children have been killed in the attack.

"The terrorists entered the school wearing FC personnel uniform," he says.

He puts the total death toll at 104. He says 23 bodies have been taken to the LRH, with 60 in CMH.

2:05pm - Army trying to bring situation under control: KP Information Minister
Shah Farman, the KP Minister of Information says there are approximately 80-100 unconfirmed dead.

"The army is trying hard to bring the situation under control," he says. "The operation is currently underway."

"It is unfortunate that schoolchildren were targeted.We need the country to be united and we need justice," he adds.

Shah Farman says he is not aware of the Taliban's claim of responsibility for the attack.

2:00pm - Lady Reading Hospital officials speaks to reporters
An official from the LRH hospital confirms that 26 people have been killed. He says that the security official among the dead has not yet been identified.

1:55pm - 26 killed: Security officials

Twenty-six people have been killed, including two terrorists, security sources say. Hospital sources say the dead include 20 children.

1:50pm - JI Emir condemns attack
 Security forces drive on a road leading to the Army Public School that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar - Reuters 
 Security forces drive on a road leading to the Army Public School that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar - Reuters
Emir of Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq condemns the incident and talking to DawnNews says the whole country stands with the families of the deceased.

He appeals to the government to make the security of children its first priority. "The attack is a message to the country and government; it should not be taken lightly," he says.

The official Twitter account of the JI tweeted: " Attack on innocent children in the name of religion is not acceptable."

1:45pm - Militants holed up in admin block:
 Minister PTI MPA Shaukat Yousufzai says the main area of the school, including the junior section, has been cleared and that the operation has shifted to the administrative block where the terrorists are holed up.

He rejects reports that negotiations are being conducted with the attackers and says that talks are not possible when a full-blown operation is underway.

Yousufzai also says that the terrorists carried out a blast, possibly by a suicide bomber, in a portion of the school where an event was being held.

1:43pm - Terrorists have 'sophisticated weapons'
A student who was released says the attackers were carrying sophisticated automatic weapons.

He says militants opened indiscriminate fire as soon as they entered the school.

1:40pm - Terrorists did not enter through main gate:
 Brigadier Responding to a question of whether the attack was a result of security lapse, Brigadier Mehmood Shah says there was a graveyard behind the school which is how militants entered the school.

He says militants could not have entered the school through its main gate.

He says security forces should be more vigilant but also underscored that people in the society should be careful and report suspicious people living in their locality to law enforcement agencies as soon as possible.

1:35pm - Unite, don't criticise:
 Shah Mehmood Qureshi PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi says that while the KP government is responsible, criticism is not a solution.

"Considering the fact that there is an operation being carried out against terrorists and they are being killed, you can expect a blow back and expect them to retaliate," he tells DawnNews.

"Obviously this was expected due to the operation... our army managed to break them."

"Instead of criticising, we all have to come together and figure out how to fight against this common enemy," he says.

1:30pm - Security official killed
Jamil Shah, a spokesman for Lady Reading Hospital, confirms to AP that the killed soldier was a member of the Pakistani paramilitary forces.

1:25pm - PM directs Interior Minister Nisar to assist KP in handling crisis

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif telephones Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and directs that his ministry assist KP in handling the crisis as effectively as possible.

The premier directs Nisar to coordinate the rescue operation in Peshawar with security forces to ensure all possible help that needs to be extended to them.

Prime Minister Sharif also directs Governor KP Sardar Mehtab Abbasi to ensure all possible assistance to security forces in the rescue operation.

1:20pm - 21 killed: hospital

The focal person for the Lady Reading Hospital confirms to Dawn that 21 are dead, including one man in an army uniform. One hospital official says the dead include 17 students.

While he gave no details on the cause of death, he says 45 are injured.

1:15pm - Imran Khan calls CM KP Pervaiz Khattak
 Schoolchildren cross a road as they move away from a military run school that is under attack - Reuters 
 Schoolchildren cross a road as they move away from a military run school that is under attack - Reuters
PTI Imran Khan called Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervaiz Khattak and directed him to immediately go to the site of the attack.

He has directed Khattak to apprise him of the situation in Peshawar.

1:10pm - 18 dead: hospital
Mudassir from the emergency ward at the Lady reading Hospital tells Dawn that 18 people have been killed. A hospital source confirms that 15 children are dead, while nine are critically injured.

Lady Reading Hospital is the sole facility to provide treatment to victims of bomb blasts, traumatic incidents and tribal clashes that occur in KP, FATA, & Afghanistan.

1:07pm - 'Revenge for N Waziristan'
 A soldier takes up a position above a road near the military run school that is under attack - Reuters 
 A soldier takes up a position above a road near the military run school that is under attack - Reuters
A TTP spokesman tells Reuters, “It's a revenge attack for the army offensive in North Waziristan."

1:05pm - Two teachers injured
The Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar says there are two male teachers among the 28 injured being treated.

“Many are in the operation theatre now in critical condition, undergoing treatment,” said hospital official Ejaz Khan.

The school on Peshawar's Warsak Road is part of the Army Public Schools and Colleges System, which runs 146 schools nationwide for the children of military personnel and civilians. Its students range in age from around 10 to 18.

The schools educate the children of both officers and non-commissioned soldiers and army wives often teach in them.

1:05pm - Militants struck during exam
A teacher tells Reuters that the attackers targeted the school while exams were taking place.

“After half an hour of the attack, the army came and sealed the school,” a teacher told a private television channel outside the besieged school.

“We were in the examination hall when the attack took place,” he said. “Now the army men are clearing the classes one by one.”

1:00 pm - Students 'set free'

An ISPR statement says that a large number of students and teachers have been set free. The statement added that there were reports of deaths of some teachers and students as well.

12:55pm - 'Reaction to N Waziristan operation'
PTI MPA Shaukat Ali Yousufzai arrives as the scene and says the attack appears to be a blowback from the ongoing operation 'Zarb-e-Azb' in North Waziristan agency. He says he is not being allowed to cross the security cordon.

12:55pm - Imran Khan condemns attack
The PTI official account on Twitter posted a condemnation of the attack: "Chairman Imran Khan condemns Peshawar attack, says terrorist attack on innocent kid is worst ever form of barbarism."

12:50pm - Militants wearing army fatigues
AFP reports that at least five militants were wearing military uniforms when they entered the school.

12:45pm - Five killed: hospital

Dr Zafar Iqbal from the emergency ward of the Lady Reading Hospital confirms that five people have been killed and that more than 40 are injured.

An eyewitness says bodies are strewn across the floor of the school premises.

12:40pm - Soldier killed in attack: Minister
A senior Khyber Pakhtunkhwa minister tells DawnNews that a soldier has been killed in the ongoing firefight.

Shahram Tarakai says victims have also been shifted to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

The number of injured has increased to 35.

12:37pm - Prime Minister condemns attack
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has issued a strong condemnation of the militant attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar.

Condemning the terrorist attack on the school, Nawaz directs all civil and military security agencies to rescue every one from the school safely.

"The perpetrators behind this terrorist attack must not be spared but first priority is the safe rescue of kids and innocent people from the school," PM Nawaz Sharif said in a short statement issued from the PM House in Islamabad.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain has also condemned the terrorist attack

12:35pm - Eyewitness account
An eye witness tells DawnNews that as soon as the firing started, teachers instructed students to duck.

"Later, army personnel ushered us out. While we were being moved out, we saw bodies of our classmates lying in the corridors."

“We were standing outside the school and firing suddenly started and there was chaos everywhere and the screams of children and teachers,” Jamshed Khan, a school bus driver told Reuters.

12:30pm - Four children killed: hospital
Lady Reading Hospital sources confirm that two more have been killed by militant firing, with 27 injured. Two students died while they were being shifted to the hospital while two others died at the hospital.

The age of the deceased is between 9-14 years.

12:28pm - TTP says militants ordered to shoot
TTP spokesman Muhammad Khorasani tells AFP there are six attackers.

“They include target killers and suicide attackers. They have been ordered to shoot the older students but not the children,” he said.

A loud explosion has been reported at the scene. The blast has been carried out by security forces to bring down a wall to create an entry point into the school, according to officials.

12:26pm - More students injured

The number of wounded increases to 30, including one teacher and six children whose condition is reported as critical. A large number of concerned parents have turned up at the site but are being held by security officials.

12:25 pm - Evacuation underway

Military officials confirm that five to six terrorists have entered a school in Peshawar's Warsak road.

The school has been cordoned off, with a rescue operation in progress. Security officials said that children and teachers are being evacuated. Nearby schools have also been closed.

12:20 pm - Two children killed: hospital

The Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) has confirmed that two students have been killed and 10 injured as a result of gunfire.

Hospital sources said one male and one female student were killed. Two of the 10 injured students are in critical condition.

12:13pm - 500 students held hostage

Reuters reports that the gunmen have taken hundreds of students and teachers hostage.

A Reuters journalist at the scene could hear heavy gunfire from inside the school as soldiers surrounded it.

Military officials said at least six armed men had entered the military-run Army Public School. About 500 students and teachers were believed to be inside.

12:11pm - TTP claims responsibility
AFP reports that Taliban militants have attacked the army-run school.

A spokesman for a faction of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan said the gunmen had been ordered to shoot older students at the school in the city of Peshawar.

12:05pm - Seven wounded in attack
According to initial reports, the terrorists opened fire on entering the building, wounding least seven people, including five children.

Police sources said that at least six terrorists entered the school after scaling its walls.

A heavy contingent of police and security forces have reached the spot and cordoned off the area as an operation continues.

#Peshawar_Army_School_Attack   #Army_School_Peshawar   #پشاور_آرمی_سکول  
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May Allah never forgive them
And there should be azaab for them in this life and hereafter 
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