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The entire marketing world has changed with the introduction of Social Media.

Practice Manager and Social Media fanatic Brooke discusses how you can use this powerful tool to grow your business!

#socialmedia #marketing #smallbusiness

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We are huge advocators of small business owners having a team around them to encourage, challenge and for accountability purposes. We often encourage our clients to form an advisory board to help provide strategic advice to the management of their corporation, organisation, or foundation.

It is because we see the value of this that we've decided it was time to form our own Advisory Board.

We're ecstatic to have former illumin8 Director Jason Pater, Cloud Software Guru Joel Hanna, Local Entrepreneur Samuel Keck and Business Development Specialist Corry Brouwer join Andrew in an Advisory capacity.

With extensive knowledge and experience in business, technology and finance, the board will meet on a regular basis and help Andrew be kept accountable for the direction and health of illumin8, its staff and its clients.

We're excited to have the Advisory Board help steer the illumin8 ship as we sail into this new chapter.

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No longer do small businesses need to feel like they're debt collectors. Xero can help!

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‘What on earth are you doing that for? Are you insane?’

I think I have heard that sentence, or variants of it, at least 10 times this week alone when talking about my upcoming trip to Sri Lanka.
These responses don’t come because they don’t think I should be visiting the beautiful country, but because I tell them that I plan to work whilst I am there.

Now I can understand why people would come out with such a remark when I tell them that, however when I get a chance to respond, almost everyone seems to cotton on to the idea.

The idea is – If I can run my business whilst on “holiday” then I may just be able to run my business permanently from wherever I choose to be, on any given day. Essentially altering my life into a continuous holiday.

Let me pose this thought to you. If you could run your business effectively, communicate with your staff, love on your clients, provide great results on a consistent basis, all while in a situation that was inspiring, breathtaking and exciting would you be up for that? I know one of my goals within my business (illumin8 partners) is to have a free working environment that does not contain myself, or my staff, to a fixed location. Even allowing us to be travelling worldwide and working without skipping a beat.

So, on January 29 at 11.35pm I will board a plane heading to Colombo, Sri Lanka, with my wife and 2-year-old daughter. I plan to visit tea plantations, catch a train through the mountains, sleep in a tree house, visit Buddhist temples, lie on a deserted beach and be filled to overflowing.

I also plan to connect daily with my 6 team members, respond to client queries (throw in a few video calls), review work that has been completed, manage the key decisions required within my business and continue to grow in my understanding of what it truly means to work in the cloud.

How can I do this? Well, you will have to follow the journey over the next few weeks to see exactly how, but it requires a good combination of the right software (Xero, Receipt Bank and others) and a purposely thought out plan. I will be releasing a couple of more blog entries whilst travelling, as well as a video to summarise exactly what went on during my Sri Lanka 2016 trip!

So stay tuned and connected, as this is an exciting journey that I hope will transform how I go about doing business.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Andrew Van De Beek discusses how we can be generous and 'spread the love' to those who need it most this Christmas.

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Self professed 'Sexy Accountant' Andrew discusses the change in how Accountants are perceived in today's digital world.

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Hill Legal Lawyers and Consultants Director Chris Hill guest writes for the illumin8 blog, discussing the new Power of Attorney Act and answers some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new legislation.

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Xero - What is all the fuss about? Check out our Practice Manager Brooke's new blog post to find out!
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